Messaging and Queuing

Easily connect your services and applications in the Cloud.
Send messages and events without having to manage your message broker.

Enable smooth transitions between systems

Scaleway Messaging and Queuing supports three protocols: SNS, SQS, and NATS. We support your multi-cloud strategy and make it easy for you to port your applications from other systems.

Create scalable Cloud services

Fully managed message broker solution to help you easily scale your Cloud infrastructure, and simplify application development and operations, especially with Serverless.

Build reliable distributed applications

Achieve higher fault tolerance and resilience by enabling asynchronous service-to-service communication between services. Should a system’s service become unreachable, the other services can still continue to interact with the queue.

Popular use cases

Asynchronous communication

Enable asynchronous messaging for inter-service communication, decoupling services and buffering requests to allow independent tasks and simplify debugging, testing, and scaling.

Key features

Multi-protocol support

Based on open standards to ease your Cloud ecosystem migration. Use AWS SQS, AWS SNS or NATS API to send and receive messages or configure queues.

Notifications (Publish Subscribe)

Distribute notifications and events across several consumers using publish/subscribe pattern.

Queues and Streams Services

FIFO queues with deduplication enabling exactly-once processing. We provide enhanced queue features such as long polling, and enable replay for messages stored in stream using NATS JetStream.

Built-in Serverless integration

With the Scaleway Serverless integration, you can trigger Functions or Containers with events stored in SQS queues and NATS streams.


With restricted access and encryption in transit, we ensure secure asynchronous communication between your microservices.

Scalable & fully managed

An easy-to-use and fully managed infrastructure, a message broker solution that is integrated into the Scaleway console and tools (CLI, SDK, Terraform) to simplify application development, especially with Serverless.