Customer Success Story: Whispeak

Whispeak provides a voice biometric solution to easily add a biometric factor to authentication process.

Uses cases range from authentication on call centre, login with voice to payment or car vocal control, with immediate benefits for end user and companies in terms of user experience, security and average handle time.
With a few words, user can be recognised on his call center, validate a payment or log into his application.

Along with the powerful AI based speaker recognition engines Whispeak provides a full range of machine leaning trained engines, for synthetic voice detection, noise evaluation, voice activity detection and more.
Those engines are supported by a robust and efficient execution platform, available SaaS, on premise or embedded on devices, to deploy Whispeak voice services on every point of contact equipped with a microphone.
The solution has been designed with a privacy first focus and is fully compliant with GDPR requirements for biometric data handling.
Founded in 2019, Whispeak is headquartered in Lille and boasts a team of around 15 dedicated professionals.

Whispeak has chosen Scaleway as its primary cloud provider for several compelling reasons:

  • Whispeak was looking for a cloud provider with a human touch and geographic proximity, giving trust and accessibility to start a relationship.
  • Scaleway's startup program provided invaluable support for Whispeak as they embarked on their journey.
  • Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is of paramount importance to Whispeak, given their handling of personal data. Scaleway's commitment to GDPR compliance aligns perfectly with Whispeak's dedication to data privacy.

    Scaleway's extensive portfolio, coupled with their reliance on Kubernetes Kapsule, was a key factor in Whispeak's decision to choose Scaleway.

How do they use Kubernetes Kapsule at Scaleway?

Kubernetes Kapsule empowers Whispeak to achieve impressive scalability and flexibility in managing their workload. Kubernetes self-healing capabilities allow having all Whispeak's infrastructure replicated to keep 100% uptime even when more than one node crushes on the cluster. Horizontal and Vertical scalability capabilities give maximum flexibility and also cost control, never assigning more resources than necessary to a pod and moving seamlessly from increasing resources to adding new replicas. Kapsule's new monitoring and audit capabilities help to keep operations on track and to provide full traceability of customer operations.

These gives Whispeak the advantage to adapt to varying workloads, depending on the number of persons that need to be authenticated, while keeping a resilient and trustworthy platform.