FTP Dedibackup

Replicated backup space for your Dedibox server

Your Dedibox dedicated servers have a storage space replicated on another datacenter in order to externalize your backups by FTP. You get 100 GB of Dedibackup storage included with each server.

Up to 750 GB Dedibackup space


Dedibackup FTP 100 GB

Included with your Dedibox

Dedibackup FTP 750 GB

€4.99 /month

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I backup my data on Dedibackup?

You can use softwares such as AceBackup or Duplicati to perform your backups or backup scripts. It will be necessary to activate compression before FTP transfer to avoid reaching the maximum number of files.

What is the maximum amount of files per Dedibackup space ?

The service is limited to 1000 files per Dedibackup volume. It is recommended to use archives when backing up your data.

How to activate or order a Dedibackup backup space ?

The order of your Dedibackup backup space can be done when ordering your Dedibox server or from the console. Then you can manage your Dedibackup space from the management console in backup section of your server.

How to restore your data from Dedibackup ?

Connect to your Dedibackup storage space via FTP (accesses available in your management console), then launch the restoration of your files.

How is the Dedibackup solution replicated ?

It is split into two platforms on the DC2 and DC3 Datacenters. Servers hosted at DC2 are backed up to DC3 and vice versa.

What connectivity and security on Dedibackup infrastructures ?

Each platform is based on a 1:1 redundant distributed storage cluster composed of 35 active nodes of 2TB, 75TB capacity. The available bandwidth is 10 Gbit/sec on each site, redundancy is ensured by a systematic backup element for an active element.

All in all, it is 150 TB with more than 20 Gbit/sec of available traffic.