LLM Inference

Serve Generative AI models and answer prompts from European end-consumers securely.

Choose among ready-to-be-served LLMs

What makes inference fast? Model optimization is one lever. To be served fast, a model must be optimized to the machines that run it.
This isn't always a piece of cake, and can turn into a time-consuming process. That's why Scaleway is providing an evolutionary Model Library, with curated and optimized LLMs.

Benefit from a dedicated H100-PCIe cluster

H100 PCIe GPU Instances excel in handling rigorous model serving tasks. Leveraging advanced data formats and its innovative transformer Engine, the H100 PCIe achieves a 30-fold improvement in inference speed over its predecessor, the NVIDIA A100 GPU.

Run on a fully secured European Cloud

Enjoy tailored security for your infrastructure: from highly secure VPC environments to accessible setups with internet and IAM tokens.
Maintain complete data control: no storage nor third-party access to your data (prompt & responses), ensuring it remains exclusively yours and within Europe.

Available zones:
Paris:PAR 2

State-of-the-art open weights LLMs


Trained on Scaleway's Nabuchodonosor 2023, Mixtral-8x7B is a state-of-the-art, pretrained generative model known as a Sparse Mixture of Experts. It has been benchmarked to surpass the performance of the Llama 2 70B model across a variety of tests.

Benefit from a secured European Cloud ecosystem

Virtual Private Cloud

Your LLM endpoints are accessible through low-latency and secure connection to your resources hosted at Scaleway, thanks to a resilient regional Private Network.

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Access Management

We make generative AI endpoints compatible with Scaleway's Identity and Access Management, so that your deployments are compliant with your enterprise architecture requirements.

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Identify bottlenecks on your deployments, view inference requests in real time and even report your energy consumption with a fully managed observability solution.

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  • Scaleway is a NVIDIA Elite Partner