The Public Interface for developers

Understanding APIs

Full-ecosystem compatibility

Scaleway’s APIs are a key part of the Scaleway Ecosystem: anything you can do from the web console can be done through APIs. Therefore, APIs give you access to all Scaleway products, including storage, compute, and much more.

Accessing Cloud APIs

Scaleway APIs can be accessed via conventional HTTP requests or via the provided client library.
We use conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request.


Each request made to Scaleway APIs must be authenticated. Scaleway APIs handle this with a X-Auth-Token HTTP header that must be provided with the request.


Every Scaleway API can be accessed through a single endpoint: Each endpoint follows this pattern:{product}/{version}/…

Popular use cases

By integrating Scaleway APIs into a cloud reseller interface, you can provision and start selling cloud resources through the API calls. Resell virtual instances, storage or any cloud product through your own white-labelled platform.

Pilot your entire infrastructure directly from your information system or your own devOps interfaces. Additionally, when provisioning infrastructure resources using the Cloud Providers’ APIs, it is easier to develop a multi-cloud strategy.

Some use cases require some time spent on writing advanced scripts using the public APIs that will automatically create or delete instances, or add or remove storage to an application based on custom metrics.