Scaleway Dedibox Network Options

High-end solutions for your Dedibox

Dedibox servers are connected to 2 physically distinct networks in order to secure exchanges of your data (physical isolation) and provide maximum performance. The private network RPN allows exchanges between your servers without impacting your connectivity to the Internet.

Options available with your Dedibox server

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Personal usage
Professional usage

Features and services included with your Dedibox

  • Branded Servers
  • ECC Memory
  • 100GB FTP Backup
  • SSD, NVMe, SATA & SAS disks
  • Premium Network
  • Certified Datacenters
  • 99.9% availability rate
  • 24/7 Assistance

New ! Managed load balancer and compatible with your Dedibox

Load Balancer

From €0.014 excl. VAT/hour
High availability infrastructure
Our redundant architecture guarantees a very high level of availability. Failures of an active instance or backends are automatically detected and resolved to avoid any unavailability of your services.
Guaranteed bandwidth
Scaleway is the only cloud provider to guarantee the bandwidth of your load balancers. You can count on up to 1Gbit/s to distribute your traffic and manage your peak loads.
Our multi-cloud offer allows you to build a distributed infrastructure, spread over several platforms. It allows you to improve the reliability of your services, and avoid vendor lock-in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the network architecture of Scaleway Dedibox?

The Scaleway Dedibox network has been designed to provide maximum performance and availability, with a simplified operating principle focusing on stability and ease of administration. We provide one of the best network availabilities on the market.

The RPN private network allows you to create your VLANs to secure your architecture or deploy the most complex projects.

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Is the network of my Dedibox server guaranteed ?

The public network is guaranteed on Pro, Core and Store ranges (premium network). Interconnection with the internet relies on more than 25 operators. The private network of your Dedibox server is also guaranteed with a bandwidth of up to 10Gbps.

We recommend selecting the Business Service option to benefit from more bandwidth on your private network.

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Are Scaleway Elements services compatible with Dedibox?

The Load Balancer service is compatible with all Dedibox servers, and offers multi-cloud references allowing you to address Dedibox servers and equipment hosted outside of Scaleway.

Please note that the Scaleway Dedibox private network service is currently not interconnected with the Scaleway Elements private network.

All other services can be used with your Dedibox servers through the public network.