Failover IP for your Dedibox

Several network addressing options to simplify the deployment of the Dedibox® platform

Reverse DNS


Take advantage of a reverse DNS (IPv4) for each of your failover IP!

Reversed DNS allow the resolution from an IP address to qualified domain name (ex:

This is the exact opposite of the classic use of DNS, which matches domain names with IP addresses.

Virtual MAC


You can create a virtual MAC address, associated to a failover IP at any time.

Your failover IP can be routed at any time, within seconds, from the management console or the API to one of your virtual machines replicated on another server, without reconfiguration of your virtual machine.

Failover IP address

€1.99 excl.VAT /month

For each server, you can add failover IP address(es) according to the offer and your service level.

Your IP failover can be routed at any time to your servers in just a few minutes by using our Account Management Console or through our API.

By switching your failover IP addresses from one server to another, the hosted services remain available without reconfiguring the IP address.

Network block

€59.99 excl.VAT /month with Business service

The option /27-block entitles you to a customizable range of 32 IP addresses, working in the same way as failover IP addresses.

By personalizing your block of IP address, you answer easily and quickly to the problems of the virtualisation and you increase the continuity of service of your applications.

It is also possible to transform your RIPE IP block into individual failover IP addresses.