Private Network RPN for your Dedibox

Real Private Network


The RPN is a dedicated and private network, connected to the second network interface of your server.

This network provides high performance with very low latency and support of jumbo frames as standard.

You can easily regroup your servers within your private network with a few clicks, regardless of their number or physical location.

In practice

For reasons of security and performance, many applications require a dedicated private network such as storage technologies or Hadoop clusters.

Your applications can exchange data in a safe way without using the public network adapter, with a very high level of security.

Your servers can safely exchange data, through your network, separated and connected through your second network interface.

Technical solution

Scaleway has deployed its RPN network through a dedicated network service.

That network is fully managed by Scaleway, independent of the public network, and has no interconnection to the Internet.

Securely interconnect your infrastructure with RPN v2

The flexible and powerful network service to interconnect your infrastructure in a secure and private way.

RPN v2 gives you the flexibility to build your architecture in a secure and isolated environment. You control everything and can setup your own VLANs, IP addresses ranges, subnets, routing tables and network gateways.

RPN v2 also allows you to build security layers to manage your private network. Create a public group for your web server applications and place your backend applications in a private group without internet access. All that backed by an insane connectivity for extreme network performances.

Flexible & Powerful

Create private networks to isolate your servers from the world. Use the Scaleway Dedibox control panel or the API to setup your VLANs, IP addresses ranges, subnets, routing tables and network gateways. RPN v2 offers endless possibilities.


RPN v2 provides pure VLAN isolation via a dedicated physical network interface. Thanks to its fully isolated Layer 2 design, your can securely transfer your data between your resources within the same datacenter or between multiple datacenters.

Multi Datacenter

Your servers from different data centers can belong to the same RPN v2 group with no complicated configuration. That way, you can avoid single point of failure and make sure your services are always up and running.

A full range of high-end services


Do you want to exchange or supply services with another Scaleway Dedibox client ?

Make it easier to administrate and secure a heterogeneous server farm It’s easy with the LinkePing feature!

In a few clicks, choose which servers can connect with yours and exchange data a few minutes later! This is part of the standard service.


Limitlessly extend your server’s storage with the RPN-SAN option. This storage solution uses a cloud platform connected to a very high-speed (4x 10Gbit/sec) RPN network.

Available in 1, 5 and 10 TB increments of iSCSI storage, usable directly from your OS or as a virtual disk for your hypervisor, you’ll directly benefit from the advantages of the RPN network, offering performance, confidentiality and security.


You already have a corporate network and your own servers ? RPN-VPN is an economical, secure and easy solution to connect your private network with your RPN groups.

Powered by OpenVPN, you can install just in a few minutes your VPN interconnection to expand your network of servers.

Leverage the power of RPNv2 with the RPNv1 compatibility

RPN v2 groups can be interconnected with your existing v1 groups so you can enjoy RPN services & features effortlessly.

When you choose your dedicated server, it is important to check if private network is RPNv1 or RPNv2 according to your architecture requirements. RPNv2 is the most advanced version for complex infrastructures. RPNv1, as the name indicates, is the first version of private network for Dedibox servers.