Load Balancer

Ensure the scaling of all your applications while securing their continuous performance and availability.

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per month

or €0.018/hour

Primary / Replica design

Ensuring high availability.

Unlimited backend servers quantity

Instances and servers compatible. Kubernetes Ready.

Security access with ACL policy

HTTPS ready (SSL pass-through).

All ports available and monitored

Round Robin, sticky, least connection.

Fully managed

Focus on your activity, Scaleway experts handle Load Balancers management.

Load Balancer use cases


Increase your availability

Load balancer is the easiest way to build a reliable platform by balancing your traffic among several backend servers. All backend servers are monitored to ensure that traffic is distributed among healthy resources. In addition, thanks to a primary/replica configuration, our load balancer is highly available by design.


Perform during peak loads

Avoid any lack of performance by adding as many backend servers as necessary. Increase your processing capacity by simple clicks in your panel or build automated scaling with API calls.


Your business at scale

Your business is evolving and you need more resources to succeed ? Add the right resources to maintain or improve your quality of service at scale without any downtime.

Simple & predictable pricing

No hidden costs ! Get your Load Balancer in minutes and start securing your availability via your panel or APIs.

Load Balancer


Backend servers



Load Balancer



€8.99/month (ex. VAT)

€0.018/hour (ex. VAT)

Build a robust and highly available platform


Always ON

High resilience thanks to the a primary/replica design on 2 instances.


Unlimited scaling

Scale with as many resources (instances, dedicated servers, Kubernetes soon) as necessary.



SSL Ready, ACL policy, configure the security level of your platform.


Healthy services

Your ports are always monitored. The Load balancer distributes to available services ONLY.