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  • Highly available SaaS
  • Sovereignty of your data
  • Complete ecosystem for SaaS
  • Flexible & scalable resources
  • SaaS Design Consulting
  • Interoperable, "No vendor lock-in"

Your teams will love working with Scaleway

Automation of your production chain

The integration of additional resources can be automated using our Rest API, for example to add / remove resources for horizontal scaling of your platform. The hot resizing functionalities can also be defined to increase the capacity of resources already in production. This automation is based on Cloud standards such as Terraform or Ansible.

Continuous integration & deployment (CI / CD)

New features, fixes, security patch, version upgrades… Your SaaS platform requires regular updating of the software layers, without having any impact on the quality of service of your users. We facilitate this business prerogative with solutions like Container Registry or Kubernetes Kapsules (CNCF certified) which allow DevOps to work as a team while avoiding version regressions.

Hybrid infrastructure

100% Cloud infrastructures have many advantages, but by choice or by constraints, your SaaS infrastructure can also be of the “hybrid” type on Scaleway . We offer dedicated servers (Dedibox) or colocation solutions (racks, cages, private rooms) in our Datacenters in addition to our Cloud solutions. Private network or “direct connect” solutions are also available to link your infrastructures securely.

Why you should choose Scaleway for your SaaS

Build High-availability applications

Your customers rely on your product working every time. From our resilient datacenters to our auto-scaling Cloud Native architecture, we make sure your customers can depend on you.

Safeguard Customer Data

Protecting customer data is non-negotiable. Invest in a European cloud provider built to guarantee the highest levels of data protection and sovereignty – ISO 27001, ISO 50001, HDS & Tier III certified.

Scale in our Complete Cloud Ecosystem

Build your business on the largest ecosystem in Europe with 35+ cloud services, 100 dedicated servers and a comprehensive set of datacenter colocation options.

Unleash Your Team's Potential

We’re building a cloud designed to take your and your business to the next level with cutting-edge technologies including Machine Learning, Kubernetes, Serverless and more !

Rest Easy with Premium Support

We have a 20 year track record helping companies of all sizes build amazing products. Our dedicated Cloud architects and support team will be by your side from day one.

Remove Data Silos with a Multicloud

Easily integrate your business with the tools and services your customers use most on an open and interoperable Cloud that leverages S3 storage protocol and our unique multi-Cloud Load Balancer.

Find more tips for a successful SaaS in our Infographic

To support you in your reflection and that of your teams, we offer you an infographic highlighting the strengths of the Scaleway Elements Cloud for SaaS software publishers. To be shared freely!

SaaS editors trust Scaleway

Ziwo deployed his call-centers in the Cloud 8 times fasters thanks to Scaleway

When Ziwo started their activity, they distributed their products through resellers and deployed manually to their customers, which was time-consuming and expensive.

They pivoted to a SaaS  model with, a fully automated solution on Cloud Scaleway Elements instances, downing the deployment time from 40 to 5 minutes, and cutting the intermediaries.

Our experience at Scaleway is so conclusive that we are already planning to migrate a large part of our workload to it
Renaud De Gonfreville, CEO of Ziwo

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