The Jam

A meetup for engineers, managers, and everybody in between

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Debate, share, and learn

The Jam by Scaleway (formerly CTO Forum) is a monthly event series designed for engineers, managers, and everybody in between. We invite guests from across the tech world to present their ideas, debate their positions, and share their experience and knowledge with the community. From staff engineers and infrastructure experts to founders and product owners, every meetup is a chance to ask questions and learn from proven leaders.

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How a perfectionist engineer mindset can fail your startup

Thomas Boni is a French engineer and entrepreneur, and CTO & Co-Founder of R2Devops. He told its enlightening story at Scaleway’s recent “The Jam” event, April 5 in Paris.

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Previous editions


Episode #7

Speakers: Adam Surak, Head of Platform at BeReal, and Dustin Coates, Principal Product Manager at Algolia


Lille Edition #1

Speakers: Vianney Foucault, Platform Staff Engineer / Team Lead at Contentsquare and Loïc Poisot, CEO of CustomsBridge


Episode #6

Speakers: Laurent Bernaille, Principal Engineer at Datadog, and Alexandre Brianceau, CEO of Rudder.

the jam april 18th

Episode #5

Speaker: Pierre Couzy, CTO at Botify


Episode #4

Speakers: Thomas Boni, CTO & Co-founder of R2Devops, and Alexia Toulmet, Developer at Meilisearch & Teacher at Sciences Po


Episode #3

Speaker: Louis Chatriot, CEO of Alma


Episode #2

Speakers: Laurent Doguin, Director of Developer Relations & Strategy at Couchbase, and Sylvestre Ledru, Director of Engineering at Mozilla


Episode #1

Speakers: Karim Matrah, Head of Engineering at Get Contrast, and Pierre-Yves Ritschard, CTO at Exoscale

Frequently asked questions

The name is closely associated with the music meaning. We have musicians in our team here, and when they jam with other musicians it’s casual and fun. Everybody brings their own experiences, skill levels, and ideas to the “conversation”. It's the same with our meet-up series, hence the name.

Yep. The Jam is free but registration is required, so we can plan ahead the pizzas ordering. 🍕 Scaleway aims to pump up engineers who build great things and build bridges among the entire community—whatever the domain of expertise, whatever the skill level: you are welcome onboard, and it's free.

For now, The Jam only happens in Paris. Hit us up on socials or on Slack and let us know where you would like a session to happen, we'll look into it.

Fill out this form to tell us a bit about your background, and what you would like to share during a session at The Jam—we'll happilly look into it.