General Purpose Instances

Production-grade cloud instances designed for scalable infrastructure.

Illustration Mascotte

Starting at


per month

or €0.078/hour

Cores & Memory

Powered by up to 48 AMD EPYC vCPUs and DDR4 ECC RAM.

Local Storage

Backed by replicated local NVMe SSD.

Transfer & Connectivity

Supplied with unmetered transfer and up to 10 Gbit/s internal bandwidth.

Use Cases for General Purpose Instances

Illustration Reliable Environment

Critical Production Environment - 99,99% SLA

General Purpose Instances have been designed to host your production environments with a service level agreement (SLA) of 99.99 %. You can run servers in seconds directly from the console or using the command-line interface (CLI) and create fleets of instances customizing first boot with the cloud-init standard.

Illustration High Performance

High Performance Computing

With high-end AMD EPYC cores and local NVMe SSD storage, General Purpose Instances are ready to host your high computing workloads. You can use them for batch processing, parallel computing or data manipulation, whether it is one-time or recurring. Depending on your needs, you can scale up or down in a minute.

Illustration Business Services

Business Services

General Purpose Instances can securely run your business applications as your customer-relationship management (CRM) or your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. You can restrict access to your instances using security groups and backup or restore your data in a few clicks. Also, that data can easily be stored on our Object Storage.

Simple & Predictable Pricing

General Purpose Instances are billed by the hour with a monthly capping. They include a server, a volume and an IPv4 to let you run your applications, processes and services with ease.




SSD Disk





4 vCPUs

16 GB

150 GB


400 Mbit/s





8 vCPUs

32 GB

300 GB


500 Mbit/s





16 vCPUs

64 GB

600 GB


600 Mbits/s





32 vCPUs

128 GB

600 GB


1 Gbits/s





48 vCPUs

256 GB

600 GB


2 Gbits/s



Prices before tax

Powerful Tools at Your Disposal

Icon Customize

Customize First Boot

First boot of your General Purpose Instances can be customized using the cloud-init standard. It allows to create clones and scale your infrastructure easily.

Icon Backup

Backup & Restore

You can backup and restore your General Purpose Instances at any time, directly from the console. This lets you revert your servers if needed or create replicas at a glance.


Stateful Firewall

With security groups, you can define network rules and policies. It allows you to choose who can access to your server and which which ports can be open to the world.