White Paper - Multi Cloud

It’s time to weigh up the benefits and challenges of the multi cloud

The cloud has evolved a great deal over the last decade, and the once binary choice of “on premise, using self-managed servers” versus “public cloud with servers managed by a dedicated provider” has become far more complex.

Nowadays, we talk about Serverless vs Containers, Storage vs Virtual machines, PaaS vs IaaS. There are so many options out there to let you make the best choice depending on your needs.

However, in this ecosystem that’s brimming with choice, there’s still a common misconception that exists – that a single cloud provider can meet all your needs.

  • And yet, sooner or later, this hyper-dependence fostered by the cloud giants will have significant consequences in terms of strategy. For instance, choosing a single cloud provider is rooted in tense geopolitics, extraterritorial laws, and regional requirements for data, which can all threaten your company. Generally speaking, diversifying your choice of provider is the best way to limit the risks and negative impact on your company. Continued hyper-dependence will cause your evolution and innovation to stall, while your clients will keep asking for more control over the sovereignty of their data. Open standards and open source pave the way for the multi cloud. And, at Scaleway, the leading alternative multi-cloud provider, we are convinced that we are only at the beginning of the adventure.

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