Cloud Instances

Deploy SSD Cloud Servers in seconds, starting at €0.004 per hour.


1 x86-64 core
1 GB memory
25 GB SSD storage NVMe
1 flexible public IPv4
100 Mbit/s unmetered bandwidth


per month


General Purpose

4 AMD EPYC cores
16 GB memory
150 GB SSD storage NVMe
1 flexible public IPv4
400 Mbit/s unmetered bandwidth


per month



4 ARMv8 cores
2 GB memory
50 GB SSD storage
1 flexible public IPv4
200 Mbit/s unmetered bandwidth


per month



4 dedicated cores
2 GB memory
50 GB SSD storage
1 flexible public IPv4
200 Mbit/s unmetered bandwidth


per month


Object Storage

Scalable, fast and reliable S3-compatible storage platform for your data.

Now Available for All

500 Go storage & outgoing transfer for €5/month

Manage Your Infrastructure at Scale

Build your cloud infrastructure in seconds.
Multiple Datacenters Illustration

Multiple Datacenters

Maximize your services reliability by running your infrastructure through autonomous facilities that are spread accross multiple geographic regions.

99.9 % SLA Illustration

99.9 % SLA

We provide a 24×7 customer service, and are reachable via tickets with a 99.9 % network service-level agreement (SLA). If we fail to deliver, we will credit you back.

Over 5 Tb/s of internet bandwidth Illustration

Over 5 Tb/s of internet bandwidth

We give you the power to deliver content anywhere thanks to our multiple high-end transit providers and the best peerings.

Multiple Architecture Illustration

Multiple Architecture

Scaleway is the first platform to provide x86-64, ARMv7 as well as ARMv8 bare-metal and virtual cloud SSD servers.

Designed for the Cloud Illustration

Designed for the Cloud

Our hardware is designed by and for Scaleway in our headquarters located in Paris, France.

Developer Tools Illustration

Developer Tools

Interact with Scaleway and take control of the cloud in minutes with our many tools, resources and third-party applications.

Hourly Billing Illustration

Hourly Billing

All our cloud resources are billed per hour with monthly capping. Scaleway pricing is predictable and transparent, with no hidden costs.

Infinite Cloud Combinations Illustration

Infinite Cloud Combinations

Limitless infrastructure combinations: additional volumes, movable IPs, security groups and hot snapshots are available on all our servers.

Discover a New Cloud Experience

Deploy SSD Cloud Servers in seconds.

One Platform,<br/>All Your Needs Illustration

One Platform,
All Your Needs

Scaleway is a unique IaaS platform that offers simple and powerful features to take control of the cloud in seconds.

The Start cloud generation offers the best price-performance ratio. Develop, deploy and grow your infrastructure, affordably, at scale.

High performance SSD Cloud Servers designed for intensive workloads: batch processing, ad serving, gaming, video-encoding, and high performance databases or in-memory caches.

Scaleway is the world’s first cloud computing platform offering ARMv7 and ARMv8 SSD Cloud Servers built for developers. ARM is the leading architecture in the IoT world with an excellent price/performance ratio and you can now benefit from it on your servers!

Get predictable and constant performances without noisy neighbors. BareMetal SSD servers provide stable performance and are ideal for those who need on-demand predictable compute power. Stop sharing your resources, keep them for yourself.

Deploy and Scale Your Infrastructure in Our Datacenters

Independent datacenters, global high-capacity network, one single interface.


Tier-1 bandwidth
Resilient network
Over 5 Tb/s of network capacity
Unlimited transfer


Direct AMS-IX Access
Resilient network
Ultra low latency routes
Unlimited transfer
Awesome Teams Trust Scaleway<br/>to Host Their Infrastructures Illustration

Awesome Teams Trust Scaleway
to Host Their Infrastructures