Deploy BareMetal SSD
cloud servers in seconds.

Scaleway is a unique IaaS platform, offering on demand dedicated SSD cloud servers starting at [[0.006 | currency:"€":3]] per hour. Sign up today and enjoy a new cloud experience!


Pay as you go.

Cloud Servers

2 x86 64bit Cores
2GB Memory
50GB SSD Disk
1 Flexible public IPv4
200Mbit/s Unmetered bandwidth
Flexible volumes

Workload Intensive
Cloud Servers

6 x86 64bit Cores
15GB Memory
200GB SSD Disk
1 Flexible public IPv4
250Mbit/s Unmetered bandwidth
Flexible volumes

Cloud Servers

4 Dedicated x86 64bit Cores
8GB Memory
50GB SSD Disk
1 Flexible public IPv4
300Mbit/s Internet bandwidth
2.5Gbit/s Internal bandwidth

Manage your infrastructure at scale

Build your cloud infrastructure with BareMetal SSD cloud servers in seconds.

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A fantastic user experience that gives
you the power to spawn your
servers in two clicks.

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Deploy SSD servers with constant
and predictable
performance in 44 seconds.
Automate everything through our powerful REST API.

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Uptime and response time guarantee
for mission critical services
backed by our 24x7 support team.

Deploy and scale your infrastructure in our datacenters

Independent Datancenters, Global High-Capacity Network, One Single Interface

Direct AMS-IX Access
Resilient network
Ultra Low Latency Routes
Unlimited transfer


Tier-1 bandwidth
Resilient network
Over 2Tb/s of network capacity
Unlimited transfer
SIS illustration

Scalable Infinite Storage

Scalable, fast and reliable storage starting at [[ 0.02 | currency:"€":2 ]] per GB per month.

SIS is a highly available and durable object storage service providing a way to store and distribute your data in an easy and efficient way over the internet. SIS can be accessed from the control panel or with a simple S3-compatible API, so you can use it using existing S3 libraries and tools.

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Discover a new cloud experience

Deploy SSD cloud servers in seconds

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What the community says

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Operating an I/O intense SaaS business that is designed to scale out horizontally, Scaleway's bare metal cloud servers are the perfect fit. We can now provision on disposable, quite right performing, new hardware with low hourly rates. Being in production, we experienced Scaleway as being very devop friendly, reliable and responsive and can highly recommend using their services.

Fabian Topfstedt
Quote author picture

Finding and maintaining the ARM machines for the Go language's continuous integration build farm was annoying before Scaleway.
Now it's painless and fun and we're able to scale from 0 to tons of builders automatically as needed. We can now test more, faster, and open our builders up to more contributors.

Brad Fitzpatrick

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