Bare Metal

  • Processor
    Intel® / AMD
  • Cores / Threads
    From 4 to 64 cores / 8 to 128 threads
  • Frequency
    From 2 to 3.7GHz
  • Socket
    Mono / Dual sockets
  • Memory
    From 32GB to 2TB DDR4
  • Bandwidth
    From 500Mbit/s to 10Gbit/s
  • Storage capacity
    From 500GB to 20TB
  • Storage type
    SSD / SSD NVMe
Intensive production
Unexpected workload
Load testing
Regions available
  • France
  • 100% dedicated hardware
  • Physical isolation
  • High performance
From€0.159ex. VAT/hour

Services included

  • 100% dedicated server
  • Hourly billing
  • Cloud Ecosystem
  • Terraform provider
  • High-end performance
  • Available in a few minutes
  • Failover IP
  • 24/7 technical assistance

Why use a Bare Metal Cloud server?

Intensive production environment

Bare Metal servers guarantee 100% dedicated resources for the most intensive processing. Deploy your dedicated server while keeping the freedom of the cloud.

Unexpected workload

Bare Metal as a Service responds to applications requiring unexpected intensive treatment, for example at the beginning of the month or during an undefined period. No need to invest for several months and take advantage of high-end machines when you need it.

Load test on my infrastructure

Testing the resilience or scalability of your application. Deploy a Bare Metal cloud server and test your applications from a 100% dedicated machine.

Services included with your Bare Metal server

100% dedicated server

Bare Metal servers hardware is 100% dedicated to you. No virtualization, no overallocation, no neighbours on your server. You enjoy all the resources of your Bare Metal cloud.

Hourly billing

Billing is based on time usage. This flexibility allows you to be free while managing your budget. You only pay for the hours you use.

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Cloud Ecosystem

Bare Metal Cloud servers are fully integrated into our Cloud ecosystem: Scaleway Elements console, Terraform, API and are compatible with our other products with a unique invoice based on your usage.

Terraform provider

Standardization of Bare Metal server installations is achieved through “infrastructure as code” automation available with the Terraform provider or directly with our Scaleway Elements API.

See documentation of our Terraform provider
High-end performance

Our high-performance Bare Metal servers offer high reliability and stability. Take advantage of ultra-powerful machines for a few days, a few hours or for months. Or as long as you need!

Available in a few minutes

The Scaleway Elements console allows you to set up your server quickly and with just a few clicks. You can also use the Scaleway API or Terraform to simplify the installation even more.

Failover IPv4

The Bare Metal server comes with an IPv4 address. IPv4 Failover allows up to 64 IPs to be added per Bare Metal server and moved between servers. Virtual MAC and Reverse DNS services are included.

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KVM over IP

KVM over IP allows remote access to your server (screen, keyboard, mouse) and also provides the flexibility to perform a remote installation from an ISO file.

24/7 Ticket Support

We ensure your services are always up and running. Our technical assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer all your questions and to assist you. Simply open a new ticket in case of a problem. You can also reach our support directly by phone or to get faster responses if you upgrade your support plan.

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Three High Performance Bare Metal Ranges

General Purpose

For production environments, our General Purpose range offers a balance of performance between CPU, RAM and disks.

High CPU

For maximum CPU resources, our High CPU range powers uses case including as big data, compute-intensive applications or virtualization.

High Memory

Our High Memory range offers servers with more memory for intensive applications such as databases or caching systems.

Physical isolation and full performance built just for you!

Bare Metal is a fully-dedicated physical server that delivers physical isolation, fully integrated into our Cloud ecosystem. There is no Hypervisor installed by default as for an instance so no latency due to overprovisionning, other Virtual Machines or virtualization layer itself. The Hardware of Bare Metal is just for you!

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Webinar: Relying on Bare Metal to manage your workloads

Guaranteed computing power for your complex treatments

When you get your Bare Metal Cloud server, you get full ressources of the hardware. The CPU is dedicated to execute complex and multiple instructions at the same time for your favorite intensive-applications. For all your multi-threaded applications, you can choose from 7 offers with up to 90,617 score with 2x Intel® Gold 6140 processors. Also note that the GP-BM1-S and GP-BM1-M offers have the best performance for your mono-threaded applications with a score of 5,400.

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Compatible products for your Bare Metal cloud server

Frequently asked questions

What are Bare Metal Cloud Servers?

A Bare Metal server is a 100% dedicated machine without hypervisor and available in a cloud ecosystem. All resources of Bare Metal server are allocated to applications installed for maximum performance and security.

Bare Metal Cloud servers are the new generation of dedicated servers designed by Scaleway Elements. Billed by the hour, like our other services, there is no minimum commitment and you only pay what you have consumed (Bare Metal as a service).

Several operating systems are available for automatic installation from the console. You can also install your own operating system on a Bare Metal Cloud server using the built-in KVM-over-IP device.

How long does it take to boot a Bare Metal Cloud server?

A Bare Metal Cloud server is delivered to your account within a few minutes. You can then launch the installation of the server with a few simple clicks. Your Bare Metal Cloud server will be ready in less than 10 minutes.

What is the difference between dedicated servers and Bare Metal servers?

The term dedicated servers is related to a monthly rental of a single-tenant server. Dedibox dedicated servers correspond to this type of rental.

The new generation of dedicated servers implemented in a cloud ecosystem and billed by the hour is called Bare Metal. So the big differences come from the consumption mode specific to the cloud and the associated services to work with a cloud ecosystem.

How to add failover IP addresses on Bare Metal server?

A Bare Metal server comes with a public IPv4 address.

IP Failovers allow to add several IPs on the same Bare Metal server and to move these IPs between Bare Metal servers.

In the Scaleway Elements console, you can order and add one or more Failover IP in the Bare Metal / Failover IPs section.

What is the difference between a Flexible IP and a Failover IP?

  • IPs are not lost when shutting down the server 
  • IPs can be moved between a Bare Metal Cloud server and an instance within the same region 
  • DNS reverse management 
  • No MAC type VMWare, KVM, Xen on Instances 
  • Only one IP per instance and several on Bare Metal Cloud server

How many network ports are available on the Bare Metal server?

Bare Metal servers are connected to public network via one network port which is connected to a highly available infrastructure.

One network port on the BMC allows you to take control of the machine remotely with direct access to the keyboard/screen/mouse.

Several network ports are still available for future features currently under development as well as for setting up private networks (VPC).

How do I backup Bare Metal server?

Backing up Bare Metal server works differently than a snapshot on an instance.

The first level of backup involves data and configuration of your Bare Metal server. This backup can be done by exporting to an Object Storage bucket. You will find the documentation directly on the following page:

The security and redundancy of your data can also be ensured by a cluster configuration of your application.

If you need a backup system in snapshot mode, it is possible to rely on specialized software on the market. The tutorial with Veeam for Linux can help you perform this snapshot mode backup:

All questions about Bare Metal servers

All Q&A related to Scaleway Elements servers and specifically to the Bare Metal product are available in the FAQ section:

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