C14 Cold Storage

  • Protocol
    S3-compatible API
  • Ultimate storage location
    Fallout shelter 25 m underground in Paris
  • Storage type
    Shingled magnetic recording disks
  • Data availability
    99.99 %
  • Data durability
    99.999999999 %
  • Data protection
    Erasure coding 6+3
  • Restoration time
    Usually a few minutes
Available regions
  • Paris
  • Amsterdam
  • World’s first alternative S3 Glacier
  • 75 GB of free storage
  • Free archiving & restoration
Storage price:€0.002ex. VAT/GB/month

Included Services

  • Compatible With S3 Tools
  • 75 GB Free
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Unlimited Volume
  • Free Archiving
  • Free Restoration
  • Strong Data Protection
  • 24/7 Ticket Support

Why Choose C14 Cold Storage

S3-Compatible Cold Storage

C14 Cold Storage is the world’s first alternative S3 Glacier. This cold storage is fully integrated into our S3-compatible Object Storage, which lets you archive and restore your data from the console or any S3 tool and software: Cyberduck, Duplicity, Rclone, S3cmd, etc.

Underground Databunker

C14 Cold Storage data stored in Paris is in an ultra high security nuclear fallout shelter located 25 meters deep below the surface. It is totally secure and is isolated from all natural and technological risks while benefiting from significant network capacities.

Free Archiving & Restoration

C14 Cold Storage lets you archive and restore your data from Object Storage’s standard class at no cost. This can be done manually or through the S3 lifecycle management features.

How C14 Cold Storage Works

Outstanding Features & Performance

Compatible With S3 Tools

C14 Cold Storage can be used with any S3-compliant tool through a storage class called Glacier, integrated into our Object Storage. This allows you to manage your data with some popular software like Cyberduck on macOS, S3cmd in command line, Rclone to sync files and Duplicity for incremental backup, etc.

75 GB Free

Like Object Storage, 75 GB of storage are free with no time limit in C14 Cold Storage also. In addition, the first 75 GB transferred each month are also free of charge.

Lifecycle Management

C14 Cold Storage supports most of the S3 lifecycle management features. Lifecycle allows you to setup rules for archiving and deleting objects at a given time after their upload.

Unlimited Volume

With petabytes of storage available, C14 Cold Storage has almost no limits. Store as much data as you want. Our only recommendation is to avoid storing more than 500k objects in a single bucket.

Free Archiving

Transferring data from Object Storage’s Standard class to C14 Cold Storage’s Glacier class is completely free of charge. The glacier storage class allows you to archive your data at a five-time cheaper price.

Free Restoration

Similar to archiving, recovering data from C14 Cold Storage’s Glacier class to Object Storage’s Standard class is free of charge. It usually takes a few minutes. Your data are then instantly available over Object Storage.

Strong Data Protection

We use a strong erasure coding 6+3 to protect your data stored with C14 Cold Storage. It prevents any impact on your data in the event of an incident when writing, storing or restoring it.

24/7 Ticket Support

We ensure your services are always up and running. Our technical assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer all your questions and to assist you. Simply open a new ticket in case of a problem. You can also reach our support directly by phone or to get faster responses if you upgrade your support plan.

Popular Use Cases for C14 Cold Storage

Ultra HD Media Files

C14 Cold Storage is perfect for storing large media files that do not require instant access. It can be 4K or 8K ultra high definition footage or raw image datasets. You can integrate C14 Cold Storage into your infrastructure so that files are restored on-demand on Object Storage’s standard class. They can be easily downloaded then.

Heavy Logs & Backups

Automatically archive your locks and back-ups to C14 Cold storage stored on Object Storage with S3 lifecycle management features. This allows you to keep them at a minimal cost and recover them when needed. You can also define an expiration date at which your archived data will be deleted.

Legal Archives

C14 Cold storage allows you to archive highly restricted legal documents required by the law. For example, documents like contracts, accounting data, administrative documents or access logs. Some of these documents must be archived to comply with GDPR and other local regulations.

Innovative Brands Use C14 Cold Storage

Frames Dealer stores premium footages on C14 Cold Storage.

We use C14 Cold Storage for backups and web features purposes for our media assets. […] We love Scaleway products for their developer experience and their very competitive pricing. We already are planning to expand our platform within the next few months with Scaleway.

C14 Cold Storage Databunker 25 M Underground

C14 Cold Storage in Depth

Use C14 Cold Storage with Scaleway Products

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free tier on C14 Cold Storage?

Yes, there is a free tier and you can benefit from 75 GB of storage in C14 Cold Storage’s Glacier class for free with no time limit. In addition to 75 GB of storage and 75 GB of outgoing and inter-regional (e.g.: AMS ↔ PAR) transfer in Object Storage’s Standard class.

How much do I pay to archive objects to C14 Cold Storage’s Glacier class or to restore them to Object Storage’s Standard class?

Nothing. Switching the object class from Standard to Glacier is free.
Restoring objects from the Glacier storage class to Standard storage class is also free of charges.

I have started the restoration of an object, but it is not available instantaneously. Why?

An object stored in the Glacier class is listed but cannot be downloaded instantly. It needs to be restored in Standard class first.
This is the principle of C14 Cold Storage. Since objects are stored on a cluster that isn’t always-on, restoring usually takes a few minutes.

When should I use C14 Cold Storage’s Glacier storage class instead of Object Storage’s Standard class?

It really depends on your type of Object Storage usage. If you consider that a 3-month old object is rarely used but still has a value, you might want to send it to Cold Storage’s Glacier class, for example.

Can I upload an object directly to the C14 Cold Storage’s Glacier class?

Yes, this is possible, but currently limited to uploads via the API. When uploading a file from the Scaleway console, it is first upload to Object Storage’s standard class. Send it to Glacier once the upload has completed by changing the storage class of the object. To do so, click on Send to S3 Glacier in the drop-down menu of the object. Please note that by uploading your data on Object Storage’s standard class, you will pay the standard storage price until objects are sent to C14 Cold Storage’s Glacier class.

Why are C14 Cold Storage’s Glacier class objects stored in Paris underground databunker (DC4)? Is it accessible from buckets in all locations?

Our Paris underground databunker (DC4) provides an increased layer of security by being 25 meters deep below the surface in a bunker where the Glacier storage class cluster is available.
These storage clusters are available from any bucket in Paris or Amsterdam and all objects can change the storage class to Glacier.

When are lifecycle management rules applied?

Expiration and transition rules are evaluated every day at midnight UTC, but performing the action may take up to 24 hours to complete after evaluation.

What are the differences between the new Scaleway Elements C14 Cold Storage product and Scaleway Dedibox C14?

Let’s first consider what they have in common: the two C14 services are hosted in DC4, a highly secure databunker located 25 meters underground in Paris.

Their differences are :

  • Price: Scaleway Elements C14 Cold Storage has more advantageous pricing and integrates a free tier. You benefit from 75GB of free storage with no time limit.
  • Protocols: C14 Cold Storage is 100% S3 compliant, whereas C14 Classic, available on Scaleway Dedibox, uses the FTP protocol.
  • Encryption: C14 Cold Storage does not (yet) allow encryption.
  • Recovery: with C14 Cold Storage, you can recover a data file in just a few clicks from the Scaleway console or via the API. C14 Classic requires that the entire archive is restored, even if you only need a single file from it.

What are the guarantees of availability and durability of the stored data?

C14 Cold Storage provides a data availability of 99.99 % and data durability of 99.999999999 %.

How do I encrypt my data?

For increased security it is recommended to encrypt your data before sending them to C14 Cold Storage. Encryption should be done on the client-side to guarantee that there is no evidence of your private key stored on the cluster. Data can be encrypted using third-party solutions, like GPG. It is possible to automatize your backups and to encrypt them using a solution like Duplicity or Rclone using the crypt backend.

Can I manage my storage and archiving constraints related to the GDPR with C14 Cold Storage?

The GDPR requires that the life span of data be defined in two distinct cases:

  • The deletion of data after a certain period of time
  • The archiving of data that must legally be kept

Lifecycle management features meet both of these requirements by allowing you to set a timeframe beyond which your data are archived or deleted.

What is the maximum data volume and object size supported by C14 Cold Storage?

There is no maximum data size, C14 Cold Storage accepts an unlimited number of objects up to 5 TB each.
Large objects can be uploaded using multipart upload.

Why is C14 Cold Storage technology much more reliable than tape storage technologies?

Firstly, C14 Cold Storage’s hard disk drive-based technology offers much better random data access time.
In fact, it takes only a few milliseconds to access your data, whereas access to a tape platform requires:

  • A tape library to identify the cartridge on which the data is stored
  • Reading several kilometers of tape to retrieve it

In addition, C14 Cold Storage enables parallel writing to multiple disks simultaneously, providing very high read and write speeds.
Redundancy is achieved by advanced parity mechanisms (6+3) on a large number of media, whereas tape technology does not allow this and is limited to CRC.
Finally, there is no risk of mechanical part failure (ex: robot) or wear and tear (tape drive).

Is the underground databunker DC4 auditable by customers?

Yes, our underground databunker DC4 can be visited and audited by our customers and their insurers. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team for any further information:+1 (616) 712-9471.

Why should I store my data in a fallout shelter?

Your data is your most valuable and strategic asset. No compromise would be acceptable to protect them against all natural and technological risks.
Our underground databunker DC4 provides storage that is protected from all known natural and technological risks and offers a level of security that is absolutely unique in the world.

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