Customer Success Story: Datatask

Datatask offers a comprehensive Software-as-a-service solution designed to facilitate the development of end-to-end Data platforms. Our primary objective is to streamline data utilisation, thereby enhancing business performance for our clients. However, the industry encounters significant challenges related to the complexity of traditional solutions in both implementation and operation. Our quest was to accelerate the deployment process significantly, aiming to reduce the time required for launching new instances.

The Solution

Our architecture is built upon several key components to ensure efficiency and scalability. We use Object Storage for our Datalake, and managed databases such as Postgres and Redis for data exposition and state management. The core of our application relies on dynamically instantiated VMs, orchestrated by our proprietary software. For data transformation at scale, we leverage DuckDB and Python processes. This versatile setup enables us to handle a wide range of workloads, from SQL modelling to GPU-powered LLMs. To expose our services externally, we rely on public Gateways and load balancers, while API exposition is facilitated through Container services.
We deploy this entire stack in less than 15 minutes using Terraform, enabling seamless onboarding of new customers. This rapid deployment capability ensures efficient scaling of our services to accommodate growing demand and facilitates agile adaptation to evolving customer needs.


"We pride ourselves on our rapid project cycle, epitomised by our '3 x 1' rule. Our platform delivery takes less than an hour, data onboarding is completed within one week, and the first data product is shipped in under a month. Our clients manage terabytes of data, execute hundreds of jobs, and handle thousands of API invocations daily, all while maintaining very high SLA standards."


"We are committed to advancing LLM automation to offer a compelling alternative to GAFAM solutions for Generative AI. The availability of top-notch GPUs in Scaleway's offerings is crucial to our objectives. We intend to deeply integrate our product into the Scaleway catalogue through the marketplace, expanding access to our services to a broader audience."