Customer Success Story: Eridanis

Eridanis is an innovation agency and specializes in the Internet of Things (IoT). The startup is currently offering smart city, industry 4.0, and e-health solutions.

This testimonial will focus on the smart city aspect of their business, as Eridanis works with cities of 50,000 to 300,000 inhabitants. Currently, the platform has an indirect impact on two million citizens.

Building solutions around data

Eridanis feeds its formerly independent platform data from the sources and software provided by the city. The platform compares and analyzes data, to automatically execute actions.

Let’s take a real-life example – a medium-sized city of around 70,000 inhabitants in the Paris region. The application is fed data from public roads, the Waze app, the Urban Supervisory Control Center, the building department, the environment, etc. In the event of a peak in pollution or unsatisfactory air quality, the platform is able to understand why (construction works, traffic jams, heat, etc.) and make short or medium-term recommendations, such as issuing a prefectural decree.

This is just one of the possible use cases of the company, and other use cases can vary according to the needs of the different cities concerned.

When guiding these cities, Eridanis faces two challenges:

  • A town of 50,000 inhabitants and a city of 300,000 have different needs. Therefore, the platform must be easy to deploy and customize to meet all customer needs
  • Data storage and data management-related needs and priorities differ from one client to the next, so adaptability is key.

By relying on robust and replicable technology, Eridanis is able to easily create a unique application for each city.

Designing and deploying customizable solutions for each city

Eridanis’ success comes from its easy-to-use, easy-to-implement platform. Redeploying an identical (though non-customized) application can be done within half a day.

To do that, Eridanis has built a scalable infrastructure made of:

  • A Gitlab CI/CD
  • A server with Rancher integration for managing clusters
  • Kapsule, a solution to execute containerized applications within a Kubernetes environment
  • Scaleway’s servers to store data

Currently, Eridanis is deploying its application across over 20 cities, and intends to deploy 35 applications by late 2022. Having a scalable platform means Eridanis can confidently face the challenges of tomorrow.

Scaleway – choosing a sovereign, local partner

When they chose their cloud provider, several criteria were particularly important to Eridanis:

Scaleway is a French provider – when dealing with public data, sovereignty is key
Kubernetes managed solutions are essential to the company’s scalability
A quality support with a short response delay created a relationship based on trust between Eridanis and Scaleway
An eco-friendly approach, made possible by choosing DC5, Scaleway’s data center powered using 100% renewable energy, which consumes up to 40% less energy than a traditional data center
These arguments were as important to Eridanis as they were for their own end users.

Thanks to its reliable, scalable infrastructure, Eridanis is now ready to take on the next challenges. The startup is now able to focus on customer relationships and on customizing the application for their next use cases.