Customer Success Story: Fonia

Who is Fonia?

Fonia is an emerging telecom solutions provider company specialized in voice solutions such as VoIP, wholesale subscription, and mobile. The company also provides Internet, telephony, hardware, and hosting solutions. They currently have a network of partners and distributors throughout France. Fonia built its Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), data, mobile, and hosting offers with Bouygues Telecom and Alphalink operators, and with that created their own reseller community.

In 2017, they became the first distributor of the PBXware platform from Bicomsystems in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. PBXware is a scalable telephony solution featuring a range of traditional telephony and emerging VoIP technologies such as voicemail, IVR, ACD queues, call recording/monitoring, conferences, auto-provisioning/configuration, and much more.

Their Project

Fonia handles more than 200 virtual phone switchboards for their customers. They are the primary distributor for PBXware in France-Benelux, and they host these services with Scaleway.

Fonia needs to have full control over their technical stack, and so the company only uses dedicated machines such as Dedibox dedicated servers. They host their PBXware solution directly on those machines. They have been so impressed with the Dedibox machines’ performance and reliability, that they decided to progressively migrate all of their infrastructures to the Scaleway Ecosystem. The company has a star network topology that spans three different data centers (DC2, DC3, and DC5) for extra reinforcement.

Their Solution

A highly available network

Fonia uses VMWare for virtualizing its data solutions, and the SERVERware platform of BicomSystems to manage telecom VPS. Combined with Scaleway technologies such as RPNv2 and dedicated servers, the company was able to build a persistent network infrastructure with OPNsense. The large bandwidth that comes with Dedibox machines is a crucial aspect for Fonia: “Considering that a phone call using the latest codecs, e.g. OPUS, requires 5 kb/s, the provisioned 10G on RPNv2 gives us a comfortable environment to support a large amount of traffic,” explains Cedric Cazenabe, CEO of Fonia. Concerning the security of their traffic, they currently use OPNsense as a firewall. The company is also using the RPN-SAN service as an additional storage solution.

Scaleway’s RPN-SAN

Fonia uses Veeam to back up their installation images and in turn secures their Veeam backups with Scaleway RPN-SAN. The storage solution enables fast writing operations, as well as the possibility of storing across a multitude of Dedibox servers.

Regarding its working environment, Fonia uses Bluemind as a mail server, Bitwarden to manage their credentials and Openproject for documentation management, forum and information sharing. All these tools are running on Scaleway Dedibox.

Scaleway’s Assets

“Our relationship with Scaleway goes back a long way, we joined the adventure nearly ten years ago. Besides providing high quality environments for our virtualization projects, the Scaleway teams offer excellent customer service. We appreciate that the teams collect customer feedback and use it to improve and develop their products” explains Cédric Cazenabe, CEO of Fonia.