Customer Success Story: Frames Dealer

Who is Frames Dealer?

In production since April 2019, Frames Dealer is a Premium Stock Footage Platform and a Creative Partner for Creative Industry, Production, Post-production and Events.

Their Project

Thanks to multiple Long-term Filmmaker Partnerships, Frames Dealer provides unrivaled high-quality footage, with a content that varies from 4K to 8K, through an intuitive and collaborative UI. In addition, they also provide their customers with a professional production team available for consulting & tailor-made shooting.

Once the rushes are received from the filmmakers, their post-production team edits them to keep short segments of a few seconds that are suitable for usage in a commercial spot. These segments are gathered in a collection of videos that the client can use for their own production with a license fee.

Their Solution

For their technology stack, Frame Dealers use VueJS as a front-end framework. This front-end connects to an API developed using Symfony & MySQL backend that uses Elasticsearch for search features and RabbitMQ for messaging.

The pipeline for managing their video assets is relatively isolated from the web platform. It runs on Python and bash to script a pipeline of treatments applied to videos using FFmpeg. The output videos are formatted in RAW and MXF to be recompressed and reused in specific formats. The medias assets are managed using an Open Source solution named Pimcore. These media are indexed in Elasticsearch and then qualified by a human who is assisted by AI to qualify the videos by categories, key-words, color metrics, and semantic analysis.

As a backup solution, they use a hybrid approach with a mix of on-premise and cloud storage solutions. For the on-premise storage, they use 2 NAS with 8 disk slots with RAID enabled on two different locations. As for a third backup, they use Scaleway C14 Cold Storage Solution to have a backup in case their on-premises fail.

Thanks to the S3-Compatible API of Scaleway C14 Cold Storage, the company can use the official AWS CLI in order to synchronize their data between different storage locations. It also guarantees a reliable and resilient transfer in case of connexion drops.

Moreover, they use different buckets for features of their website like 2K watermarked videos available once you have created an account.

Scaleway Assets

“We use Scaleway C14 Cold Storage for backups and web features purposes for our media assets. We have more than 30 TB of C14 Cold Storage on Scaleway and several GB for Hot Storage” explains Antony De Lopez Vallerie architect of Frames Dealer platform. The fact that Scaleway is a French hosting provider is also an important aspect of their privacy strategy, as they want to ensure their data is safely kept in Europe.