Customer Success Story: Veryswing

Who is Veryswing?

Veryswing was founded in 2012 and is specialized in developing professional automation software in a SaaS environment. They are mainly known for two products VSActivity and VSPortage which are both Enterprise-Resource-Planning (ERP) solutions provided in a SaaS model. They currently count more than 300 customers and around 18000 active users.

Their Project

In early 2000, VSActivity was first built and designed for internal usage only to limit the usage of spreadsheets. As the demand grew stronger for such software, they started Veryswing in 2012 and decided to make the solution public and available to their customers as a SaaS solution.

VSActivity and VSPortage are the company’s leading ERP solutions. These tools are designed specifically for consulting agencies and service companies (VSActivity) as well as for umbrella companies (VSPortage). As Veryswing is selling their solution as a SaaS model, they require a reliable and highly available infrastructure.

Their Solution

The company’s infrastructure is composed of more than 50 Scaleway Dedibox dedicated servers. The complete multi-tenant SaaS platform is hosted on these machines. On the network aspect, the company is a heavy user of RPNv2 with encrypted traffic.

Most of the company’s infrastructure is dedicated to its persistence layer. Veryswing uses machines with large amounts of RAM and powerful CPUs to run their MySQL cluster. Caching-wise, Redis is used for session and object caching. Their application runs on a classical PHP stack. PHP-fpm (Version 7.2) is in use for the runtime, and Nginx is running as a reverse proxy. To ensure the availability of their services, the company also uses a high-availability layer with ha-proxy. For most of their tooling, they use Docker and Ansible to perform provisioning. Veryswing is currently investigating how Kubernetes can help them to manage their workload more efficiently and flexible by migrating their services into the Scaleway Elements Cloud.

Scaleway Asset

“Overall, we like working with a French company, as this is an explicit requirement for some of our clients. Also, the different tutorials and documentations provide us an insight into interesting new technologies we can try out” explains Nicolas SAILLET, Associate Director of Veryswing.

The company relies on Scaleway Dedibox servers since 2012 and likes the quality and the service provided with the machines. They also participated in ScaleDay, Scaleway’s 20th anniversary, which gave them the possibility to exchange ideas and feedback with the engineering teams. As a plus, ScaleNight was awesome for them and a great time to have tons of fun.