Customer Success Story: Vidmizer

Who is Vidmizer?

Vidmizer, the developer of the SaaS solution GreenEncoder, is a pioneer in reducing the carbon footprint of videos.

The undeniable fact is that by 2025, video content will account for 8% of global CO2 emissions (*). Vidmizer is a team of passionate experts committed to advancing technology for "Tech for Good." They are certified as a Greentech company and have signed the Planet Tech Care charter. Their dynamic team consists of diverse professionals who share the same values, and they are supported by Incuballiance Paris Saclay.
Their three-year mission is to ensure that no video is broadcast without being reduced by a factor of 3 to 4, while maintaining quality.
As Jim Skea, Co-chair of Working Group III of the IPCC, stated last April: "We know what to do, we know how to do it, and now we must decide to do it."

Together, let's make the digital world more responsible and sustainable.

The Project

The GreenEncoder solution simultaneously impacts three key areas:
Environmental Performance: Significantly reduces the ecological footprint of videos by reducing their size by an average of 70%.
Operational Performance: Enhances efficiency with videos up to 95% lighter, while maintaining quality.
Economic Performance: Achieves energy efficiency and cost savings in storage and bandwidth.

The Solution

The GreenEncoder is built on the following architecture:

  • Users interact directly with the backend API, the primary API docked under Kubernetes.
  • This API communicates with the database and storage for storing images and videos, as well as with the encoding API, which is also docked under Kubernetes.
  • The encoding API analyzes videos and dynamically creates encoding units using a queue management system (RabbitMQ).
  • The encoding entity encodes the video retrieved from object storage and generates various versions with necessary thumbnails, storing them in the same storage.

Current Technical Challenges

Vidmizer faces several technical requirements:

  • Optimizing the energy efficiency of video encoding.
  • Handling peak loads when multiple major clients, such as Publicis and Media Figaro, launch multiple video encodings in parallel.
  • Choosing a green-by-design infrastructure.
  • Constantly improving encoding algorithms through advanced machine learning models (R&D).
  • Ensuring data security.
  • Ensuring infrastructure robustness for high-quality video encoding.
  • The ability to rely on a strong and trusted partner for infrastructure cloud optimization advice.

Scaleway's Advantages in Addressing These Challenges

Eco-friendly cloud infrastructure with low greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency.
Excellent value for the price.
Data hosting in Europe.
Access to high-level GPU infrastructure that automatically scales up and down based on demand, utilizing dynamic resource management through containers and Kubernetes.
Personalized support.
A commitment to promoting innovation and the continuous development of new services.