Time To Change The Codes

June 13th 2019 - Paris

ScaleDay 2019, first edition


For the first edition of ScaleDay, all Scaleway teams were on deck, motivated and ready to impress.
Over 1000 participants, partners and suppliers were reunited during this first Scaleway crossroad event. The two keynotes that opened and closed the day were an opportunity for Arnaud de Bermingham and his teams to present the company’s targets and roadmap.
A surprising turnaround concluded the second keynote, inviting all participants to partake in the upcoming ScaleDay’n Night. This closing celebration marked and honored 20 years of work, collaborations and achievements. It also illustrated the transformation of our historic brand Online, to the new Scaleway identity.

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Essential ScaleDay Annoucements


Our new resource ecosystem named “Elements” answers the needs and practices of today and to come: calculations (compute), storage (network), the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Each range of products addresses the joint requirements of simplicityexperiencecoherencecost management and innovation.


A strong emphasis put back onto a community-centric approach. For this, Scaleway is putting in place a vast array of innovations to better accompany its clients.


reinforcement of its commercial offers in France. This consists of Scaleway empowering French businesses and French public authorities, by providing a solution to the recurrent requests for sovereign cloud services and products, notably with the implementation of a governmental zone (AZ gov) in its databunker DC4.


Scaleway’s international expansion with the deployment of datacenters in areas of steady digital growth, and in which the company already counts an important number of active cloud riders.

ScaleDay Pics

The promise was clear, it was “Time to change the codes“, and Scaleway did not disappoint. ScaleDay was an opportunity for all to exchange with experts, in full transparency. The immersive and memorable evening that followed has been immortalised through pictures and an aftermovie, allowing everyone to live through that experience all over again. 

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