Power your startup with Scaleway Startup Program

Scaleway supports startups of all sizes with a complete cloud ecosystem in Europe. We offer you the perfect combination to grow: cloud resources, infrastructure advisors and startup experts.

As a partner of Startup Fountain, we will fast-track your application to the Startup Program. Apply now and benefit up to €36,000 worth of cloud credits.

Get up to €36,000 worth of cloud credits

Early Stage

This Program is a six-month limited scheme. During this period, the startup benefits from up to €3,600 in cloud credits, and technical guidance, to build and improve its infrastructure with equanimity.

Growth Stage

This Program is a one-year limited collaboration. During this period, the startup benefits from up to €36,000 in cloud credits, and technical support at all times, to build and improve its infrastructure with equanimity.

If you can code it, we can host it

Virtual Machines

From €0.0088 ex. VAT/hour

The right Instance for every workload. Start in seconds at unbeatable prices and scale up to resilient production-grade compute power.

Elastic Metal

From €0.122 ex. VAT/hour

Dedicated servers with flexible pricing and native cloud integration. Create the high-performance backbone of your infrastructure.

Managed Kubernetes

Compatible Instances from €0.091 ex. VAT/hour

The easiest way to deploy, manage and scale containers thanks to the latest version of Kubernetes.

Storage & Database

Object Storage: 75GB free then €0.0120 ex. VAT/GB/month

Customer data sovereignty has never been easier. Across our European data centers, get the scalability, resilience and flexibility you need.


Try for free

Experience an easy way to run your code on the cloud, without configuring or maintaining any infrastructure. Control the resources you pay for down to the second.


Private Network with no egress fees

Improve the speed, performance and security of your infrastructure with VPC Private Networks, VPC Public Gateway and Load Balancer services.

  • Our Startup Program, all over the world

No FinOps required

Flexible price model

Whether you want to pay by the hour or the month, we've got the infrastructure for you.


Scale your business and not your billing. Scaleway offers the best price/performance ratio on the market.

Simple invoicing

Automated invoices that clearly explain what you've used with no hidden cost.

An easy-to-use console

Whether it’s your first time building on the cloud or you’re a cloud native, you’ll find our console intuitive & robust. The fact that it’s beautiful is just a bonus.

A complete toolkit

We spend more time than we’d care to admit maintaining our APIs, SDKs, CLI & Terraform plugin, but it’s all worth it to make your cloud experience the best it can be.

A robust community of support

Connect with thousands of developers from all over the world to get answers and share learnings. We invest heavily in open source communities like the CNCF.

The best Cloud support

For those mission-critical, time-sensitive problems, nothing beats our 24/7 live chat support with an average response time of less than 20 minutes.

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