Development Instances

  • Processor
    2 to 4 vCPUs
  • Processor type
    AMD EPYC, 7000 series
  • Memory
    2 to 12 GB RAM
  • Memory type
    DDR4 ECC
  • Storage
    Local Storage or Block Storage on demand
  • Storage type
    SSD NVMe
  • Bandwidth
    From 200 to 500 Mbp/s
Horizontal scaling
Testing environments
Small applications
Available Zones
  • fr-par-1
  • fr-par-2
    Green AZ
  • nl-ams-1
  • nl-ams-2
  • pl-waw-1
  • 1st block of your cloud ecosystem
  • Extremely fast delivery
  • Unlimited free transfer
From€0.01ex. VAT/hour

Included Services

  • Ready-to-use Distributions
  • IPv4 & IPv6
  • Security Groups
  • Placement Groups
  • Private Networks
  • DDoS Protection
  • Snapshots
  • 24/7 Tickets Support

Why choose Scaleway Development Instances

Simplicity & ease of use

Our products are built for developers. Our services  configurations can be fine-tuned while remaining easy to use.

Best price per resources

Grow your projects for the right price. Development Instances are a perfect way to start using the cloud computing ecosystems. Test, learn and make your cloud transition successful without worrying about the price.

Transfer included

The inbound and outbound transfer of virtual machines is currently included in your instance pricing. This helps you to grow your business while reducing your overall unexpected expenses.

Energy and environmental efficiency

All our datacenters are sustainable! Supplied with renewable energy, they also have outstanding energy consumption and efficiency. Our DEV instances are available in fr-par2, the Eco-availability zone (AZ) located in DC5, our innovative and zero-carbon datacenter with adiabatic cooling system. DC5 consumes up to 40% less energy than most datacenters, and has an extremely low PUE of 1.15.

Included features

Ready-to-use distributions

From Debian to CentOS via Prestashop, Redis or Minecraft, discover our catalog of distributions and applications ready to be deployed in one click.

Discover distributions & InstantApps

Boot-On-Block offers you exclusive flexibility, performances and control features: 3x redundancy, larger root device, quick instance boot time, preservation of your volume content when instances are stopped, and much more.

IPv4 & IPv6

To make your application accessible, one public IPv4 and IPv6 is included with each of your instances. IPv4 may be retained even in the event of a change of instance.

Security groups

With security groups, you can define network rules and policies. This allows you to choose who can access your server and which ports can be opened by everyone.

Private Networks

Private Networks is compatible with Development Instances at no extra cost. Privates Networks enables you to create your own layer-2 private networks between your  Development Instances, General Purpose Instances and GPU Instances.

Learn more
Placement groups

The placement groups feature let you decide where to place your virtual instances. Group your instances for low latency or high availability by splitting them on different physical infrastructures.

DDoS protection

All of our instances benefit from anti-DDoS protection. This service continuously protects your platforms from denial of service attacks.


Our tools are designed to make life easier for developers. Check out our tools on our developer portal such as the Scaleway CLI, our Python SDK or Go. We also support cloud-init and Terraform to facilitate automation and the creation of instance clones.


Back-up and restore your instances easily and at any time, directly from the console or using our API. This allows you to reset your servers if necessary or create copies in seconds.

24/7 Ticket Support

We ensure your services are always up and running. Our technical assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer all your questions and to assist you. Simply open a new ticket in case of a problem. You can also reach our support directly by phone or get faster responses if you upgrade your support plan.

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Discover our top use cases for Development Instances

Horizontal scaling

If you are already an expert in the cloud and want to diversify your risks by using a large number of virtual instances, use our Development Instances to scale your infrastructure horizontally. In addition,  our instances from the DEV1-M range are compatible with our managed Kubernetes service.

Testing environments

Development Instances have been designed to host your tests and compile your code, no matter if you use them for an hour or for several years. Instances are delivered in a minute and can be backed up, migrated or deleted at any time.

Small applications

InstantApps let you start the most popular applications without any command lines. Configure a storage space with Nextcloud and Object Storage, an open source alternative to Slack with Mattermost, and a VPN to securely browse the Web.

Easily control the lifecycle of your instances

Case study: SaaS providers use Development Instances

Ziwo massively reduced the deployment time of its cloud-based call centers.

Ziwo was previously distributing its product through different software vendors and deploying it manually on the various virtual machines of their clients. This was both time-consuming and cost-intensive way due to the manual setup and the commission taken by the resellers. This has been solved by creating, a fully automated solution to deploy the Ziwo suite on Scaleway cloud instances, reducing the time to deploy from 30-40 minutes to 5 minutes and eliminating the need for third-party resellers.

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The next blocks of your cloud infrastructure

Frequently asked questions

Where are my Development Instances located?

They are located in Paris (France), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Warsaw (Poland). The whole Scaleway platform is protected by biometrical access control systems and by our own 24/7 on-site technical and security staff.

What is the ImageHub?

Scaleway’s ImageHub is a catalog of system images that allows you to deploy, manage and scale your favorite applications in seconds, from image templates.

How can I connect to my Development Instance?

You can connect to your Development Instance through an SSH communication protocol. For additional security, you can restrict the access to your local IP only by using the Security Groups.

Do I have to power off my instance to take a snapshot?

Development Instances support hot snapshots. This means you can perform a snapshot while your instance is running. Hot snapshots allow you to create a point-in-time backup without downtime. Please note that: Hot Snapshots can potentially lead to inconsistent data or data loss. Before taking a Hot Snapshot, you should always sync the data on your disk and stop IO-intensive processes. Whenever possible, you should take a cold (instance powered off) snapshot.

How can i extend my permanent storage?

The size of local storage depends on your instance type. With current configurations, the maximum local storage available for your Development Instance is 120 GB. Block Storage allows you to create bigger volumes and those volumes are persistent meaning that they can live without being attached to an instance. See the comparison table between local storage and Block Storage.

Get started with Development Instances

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