Scaleway at VivaTech 2024

📆 May 22 - 25

📍 Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

🎪 Hall 1 Booth E27

  • Join Scaleway's Happy Hour on May 23rd

    Meet the Scaleway team, our partners and startups for a casual drink on our booth!

    📍 Hall 1 Booth E27
    📆 May 23, 2024
    ⏰ 5:00 - 6:88 PM

Technical demos on our booth

  • RISC-V

    Discover the world's first RISC-V servers on the Cloud! Scaleway's R&D team will be on the booth to showcase this new technology and answer all your questions.

    Learn more about Risc-V
  • LLM Chatbot

    Experience the cutting-edge LLM chatbot demo at Scaleway’s VivaTech booth, powered by Kubernetes, RAG, pgvector, ur brand new NIVIDIA L40s, and Scaleway Managed PostgreSQL/Object Storage for seamless document ingestion and context-rich interactions.

    Learn more about LLM Inference
  • Object detection

    Discover the breakthrough image features detection demo at Scaleway’s VivaTech booth, showcasing Ultralytics Neural Network on Kapsule and our L4 for unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

    Learn more about L4 GPU Instance
  • Video transcription

    AI inference is not only possible on GPU, but also on ARM! Using Ampere ARM optimized framework and leveraging Scaleway Cost Optimized ARM instances, Whisper speech recognition can be used cost efficiently to transcribe and translate videos.

  • Infrastructure as Code

    Scaleway is API-first and provides all the needed tools to deploy and maintain your infrastructure automatically. This demo showcases deploying a simple application from scratch to highly available using Scaleway Terraform provider.

Find us in Hall 1 Booth E27