White Paper for startups

Building scalable infrastructure from day one.

10 tips for startups.

From early stage to scale-up, being a startup is not always easy. And neither is being a CTO (Chief Technology Officer)! 

In order  to be part of the adventure, a CTO needs to be ready to take on several roles – member of the company’s board of directors, being a versatile developer (front, back, and infra), then also being a recruiter, manager, and of course, visionary technology officer. It’s not a simple task, for sure, but it’s definitely worth it!

At Scaleway, leading alternative multi-cloud provider, we help CTOs from many startups and, in return, they tell us about their experience, their achievements as well as their failures, particularly regarding their architecture. One of the most common topics of interest for CTOs is building a scalable infrastructure. Scalability means being able to adapt to important fluctuations in demand so as to maintain the same features and level of performance during peaks in traffic. 


In this white paper, we will share the top 10 tips that we give to CTOs during our meetings. We hope they will help early-stage startups get off on the right foot on their journey towards becoming scale-ups.