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The power of IaaS in a few clicks

One platform for all your needs.

Scale-up or Scale-out when you need it.

Scaleway is a simple, scalable cloud platform.
It's the first platform worldwide where you can start x86 64bit and ARM BareMetal servers from a unique and simple interface.

With Scaleway, you can start developing on a small virtual servers and scale-up to a dedicated server in three clicks. Scaleway is the first platform worldwide to allow a seamless transition between virtual and BareMetal servers.
When you need it, you can scale-out and automate everything using our API. With our flexible IP feature, you'll never have a downtime.

From IoT development to heavy data processing, there is a server for it!

Manage your servers in no time

Simple and powerful features to take control of the cloud.


Multiple datacenters

Enjoy excellent connectivity across multiple regions and access your global infrastructure via a single account. Expand your infrastructure with limitless computing power.



Deploy series of servers with predefined configuration using images.



Snapshots your volumes to create point-in-time backup. Copy and recover volume data or clone volumes.



Use the JSON REST APIs to create and control your Scaleway resources. All features are available through the APIs. We provide a CLI and SDKs to help you in your automation.


Seamless scaling

Resize your server directly from the control panel.

Reserved IP

Flexible IPs

Remap your public IP addresses to any server for easy live migration. In addition, you can setup the reverse DNS record of any of your reserved IP addresses.

Security Groups

Security groups

Security groups are like a virtual firewall. With security groups, you can define rules that restrict network access to your servers.



Deploy and manage your favorite applications in a click.



Your volumes are 100% stored on SSD with guaranteed IOPS. You can add additionnal volumes to your server and get up to 1TB of local SSD storage per server


ARM and X86 architectures

Select your servers architecture ARM or X86 and manage them from a single and unified platform.

Deploy your favorite Linux distribution in seconds

Select your favorite images and get your server up and ready to use in 44 seconds.

ImageHub, deployment made easy

Launch servers with a pre-installed application in a click.

Tools for developer

Simple and robust tools that let you take control of the cloud.


Mnage servers and resources in a simple, programmatic way using conventional HTTP requests. All features you will find in the web control panel are also available through the API.


SCW, the command line interface is an essential tool to operate in a cloud environment as it allows you to manage your resources faster.


Build apps with tools you are familiar with. We use Docker to build our cloud images, write your own too.

Your future is with Scaleway

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