Customer Success Story: Ziwo

Who is Ziwo?

Ziwo is based in Dubai and offers a cloud-based contact center platform. The company was founded in 2011 and currently employs 20 permanent employees in Dubai, France, and India and plan on hiring 20 more people before the end of 2020.

The company is offering an IP based telephony platform, as well as assistance for written messages (SMS, e-mails) for customer contact centers of any type of business. Their customers (several hundred) are typically business call centers or customer services.v
Ziwo application is entirely manageable via API calls, facilitating the integration with different CRM and ERP solutions. To guarantee maximum flexibility, all Ziwo customers are deployed on their own virtual cloud instance.

Their Project

Ziwo’s solution is built using Node.js, PostgreSQL, and Ngnix. To improve reliability, Ziwo uses load balancers to distribute the workload evenly between multiple instances.

The company is currently extending its working fields in the sectors of AI and BigData for:

  • automatic call analysis;
  • classification of levels of customer satisfaction;
  • performance tracking of the call center agents.

Previously the company was distributing its product through different software vendors and deployed it manually on the different virtual machines for their clients. This was both, a time-consuming and cost-intensive way due to the manual setup and the commission taken by the resellers. The company solved this by creating a fully automated solution to deploy the Ziwo suite on Scaleway cloud instances, reducing the time to deploy from 30-40 minutes to 5 minutes and eliminating intermediate resellers.

They currently have more than 70 instances deployed at Scaleway. They use “golden images” to quickly deploy a complete solution to a client. Usually, they manage to deploy a complete solution for a client in less than 7 minutes. They are happy with the API provided by Scaleway and are now able to have a fully automated deployment.

Their Solution

The stack is built around APIs, which allows customers to easily plug their own solutions into Ziwo’s software, for example, a CRM or an ERP. Typically, they are able to connect to major providers with which their customers are already deployed such as AWS, Azure, and GCP.

As they aim to have as much flexibility as possible on a per-client basis, when they provision a customer, their solution is deployed onto a Virtual Machine.

However, they have latency constraints due to the VoIP environment they work in. Voice transport is their first necessity. They need to maintain a 250ms latency to offer a good quality of service and they monitor that very closely.

As a result, due to the physical latency on the network link, they need to have different providers in different parts of the world. On top of that, their customers want to be able to change their providers quickly depending on the contract they can get in a precise geographical location, therefore Ziwo does not have a particular attachment to a provider for this kind of workload.

What are the new features of their roadmap?

They would like to get a deeper grasp on the phone call aspect and understand on the fly what is going on. In that sense, Artificial Intelligence would be very useful, for instance, voice transcription, semantic analysis, sentiment analysis using NLP, are the next challenges ahead. The goal is to classify calls and get the best possible insights about customer relationships.

They also have big data problems and are looking forward to using Scaleway Big Data technologies as soon as it is available and new locations to scale their business.

Scaleway Assets

Ziwo chose Scaleway for multiple reasons. First, they wanted a provider that was culturally close to them, supportive, product-oriented and customer-centric. Also, they wanted to have several providers to mitigate their risks and finally, the performance/price ratio was very interesting.

By migrating from a classic software distribution model passing through several levels of resellers to active lead management with the company was able to increase sales and to reduce the human impact required to deploy the application for a client. Everything is deployed fully automatically within a few minutes on the Scaleway cloud platform.

As Renaud De Gonfreville puts it “We had no issues with the customer support and we are looking forward to talking with a customer success engineer to move a part of our workload from other cloud providers to Scaleway. By the way, we had a lot of fun during the ScaleDay!”