Developer Tools

Manage your infrastructure with simple but powerful tools.

Scaleway has designed a set of tools to support developers in the deployment, configuration, orchestration and automation of infrastructures, no matter what their type or size.

Command-Line Interface

Manage your infrastructure without leaving your terminal.


scw is the Scaleway command-line interface (CLI). Similar to the Docker CLI, it allows you to perform directly in a terminal tasks supported by our instances. For instance, scw ps lists your instances and scw run can be used to create one. It can be installed directly from the most common package managers.


Use the Scaleway APIs to automate your workflow.

Behind Scaleway console and CLI, there is nothing more than APIs. Their endpoints are all documented and can be used to automate your actions or make Scaleway services interact with other tools and applications.

DevOps Tools

Manage your infrastructure as code.

Scaleway proposes several SDKs and is compatible with Ansible, Packer and Terraform. These tools help you to automate the deployment, configuration and orchestration of your cloud infrastructure. Some integrations are maintained by Scaleway and others have been developed by the community. Your contributions are most welcome.


Customize your servers with templates.

Cloud-init is a standard for customizing cloud instances. It lets you configure your servers during the first boot in an automatic and repeatable way, allowing you to create clones and fleets easily.