Storage Pricing

Unlock your storage potential with Scaleway Storage products. Our pricing is transparent and competitive, ensuring you only pay for what you need. Experience seamless scalability and reliable performance without breaking the bank.

Object Storage

Scalable, fast and reliable S3-compatible storage platform for your data.

Type of consumptionPriceApprox. per month
Multi-AZ Standard Object Storage€0.00002/GB /hour~€0.0146/GB/month
One Zone - IA Object Storage€0,0000165/GB/hour~€0.012/GB/month
Bucket websites featureFree
Egress fees:75 GB free every month,
then €0.01/GB
Archiving objects: Object Storage (Standard) → Cold Storage (Glacier)Free

Scaleway Glacier

The most secured and reliable solution to archive your data. Secure your precious data in our fallout shelter 25 meters underground.

Type of consumptionPrice
Data storage€0.00000348/GB/hour
Archiving objects from the Standard-class to the Glacier-classFree
Restoring archived objects from the Glacier-class to the Standard-class€0.009/GB

Block Storage

High-performance SSD network-attached persistent volumes for Instances and Kubernetes Kapsule clusters.

Block Storage SSD
5,000 IOPSFreeFrom €0.000118/GB//hour
Block Storage Low Latency 5K
5,000 IOPSFree€0.000118/GB/hour
Block Storage Low Latency 15K
15,000 IOPSFree€0.000177/GB/hour