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  • Secure & managed

    We’re committed to providing security by design, integrated at all levels of our platform. This is why we now support server-side encryption (SSE-C) and offer bucket policies directly in the Console for Object Storage, ensuring the security of your data. We’re also launching in Private Beta our new Secret Key Management Service (KMS), for more robust encryption key control. In terms of management, Cockpit is now available in our 3 regions.

ProductFeaturePhaseAvailabilityLearn more
Managed Database for PostgreSQL and MySQLOn-demand maintenanceGeneral AvailabilityMay 2024Documentation
TEMCockpit integrationGeneral AvailabilityApril 2024Documentation
TEMDMARC policyGeneral AvailabilityApril 2024Documentation
CockpitAvailable in PAR, AMS and WAW regionsGeneral AvailabilityMay 2024Dev API
Object StorageSSE-C encryptionPrivate BetaJune 2024Documentation
Object StorageBucket policies in ConsoleGeneral AvailabilityJune 2024Documentation
VPCRoutingGeneral AvailabilityJune 2024Dev API
Key ManagerKMSPrivate BetaJune 2024Quickstart
KubernetesRouted IPGeneral AvailabilityApril 2024Documentation
  • Power & scalable

    In Q2, we expanded our offer to provide strong computing capabilities for all workloads. The introduction of our Serverless SQL database answers the needs of organizations who need a scalable and cost-efficient database. We also now provide the SNS protocol within our Messaging & Queuing product, to ensure reliable messages are delivered across distributed systems. Additionally, the new POP2-WIN range offers Windows OS on Instances enhancing compatibility and flexibility for your enterprise workloads.

ProductFeaturePhaseAvailabilityConsoleLearn more
Serverless SQL DatabaseN/AGeneral AvailabilityJune, 28th 2024YesDocumentation
Messaging & QueuingSNSGeneral AvailabilityJune 2024YesDocumentation
Managed Database for PostgreSQL and MySQLDB-PRO2 nodesGeneral AvailabilityApril 2024YesConsole
InstancesPOP2-WINGeneral AvailabilityJune 2024YesComing soon...
KubernetesRelease 1.30General AvailabilityJune 2024YesDocumentation
  • Dedicated & private

    A new era has come for Bare Metal with our expansion to the worldwide market, thanks to Dedibox VPS offering unparalleled performance and flexibility, we also expanded availability zones on Elastic Metal. The recent restock of Mac Mini M2 and M2 Pro ensures cutting-edge capabilities for all computing needs. Bare Metal continues to offer seamless scalability, catering to diverse, high-demand applications with reliable dedicated hardware.

ProductFeaturePhaseAvailabilityLearn more
Dedibox VPSN/AGeneral AvailabilityMay 2024Product page
Elastic Metal
New storage servers on STORE-9 and Lithium Lx20EGeneral AvailabilityJune 2024N/A
Elastic MetalNew AZGeneral AvailabilityJune 2024Documentation
Apple siliconMacOS 14 on Mac MiniGeneral AvailabilityJune 2024Documentation
Apple siliconRestock for Mac M2 and M2 ProGeneral AvailabilityJune 2024Documentation
  • AI & Sovereign

    Today, Scaleway stands as the leading cloud partner for European companies and startups aiming to build or consume AI. We offer a comprehensive GPU portfolio with a variety of machines to handle all workloads, from LLM building to computer vision inference. We enable companies with the 1st European Managed inference product, so they can finally start to consume LLM models without data confidentiality concerns, or the need to manage a GPU infrastructure. Scaleway supports AI startups throughout their entire machine learning lifecycle and development, empowering them to innovate seamlessly. Additionally, we enable large European companies to launch their first-gen AI use cases and build robust partnerships for the future.

ProductPhaseAvailabilityConsoleLearn more
L40S InstancesGeneral AvailabilityApril 2024YesProduct Page
On-demand clustersAvailable for QuoteJune 2024NoProduct Page
Managed InferencePublic BetaJuly, 1stYesProduct Page
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