Cockpit is designed for application and infrastructure monitoring by providing you with insights and context. Visualize your metrics, logs, and traces in your Grafana dashboard.

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Learn how to retrieve your Grafana credentials, and create a token in a few steps to start monitoring your data with Cockpit.

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Core concepts that give you a better understanding of Cockpit.

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Learn how to use Cockpit and manage your data via the Scaleway console.

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Check out in-depth information about Cockpit.

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Manage Cockpit using the Scaleway API.

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    Cockpit is available in all regions!

    Cockpit is now available in all three Scaleway regions: Paris, Amsterdam, and Warsaw. From the Scaleway console, you can now decide in which region to enable the alert manager and your managed alerts. You can also choose the regions in which to create your data types, data sources, and tokens.

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    Data sources are now available in all regions

    It is now possible to order and set up as many data sources as you want for your external data in Cockpit, in the Paris, Amsterdam, and Warsaw regions.

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    Introducing volumes discounts for your external metrics!

    Check out our latest update: volume discounts for your external metrics, allowing you to enjoy a cost-efficient monitoring solution!

    How it works: The monthly pricing for external metrics will be calculated in levels. Scaleway applies six levels of volume discounts.

    LevelsRangeMonthly pricing with volume discounts
    Level oneFrom 0 to 10 billion external metrics€0.15 per million samples
    Level twoFrom 10 to 25 billion external metrics€0.13 per million samples
    Level threeFrom 25 to 50 billion external metrics€0.12 per million samples
    Level fourFrom 50 to 100 billion external metrics€0.11 per million samples
    Level fiveFrom 100 to 200 billion external metrics€0.10 per million samples
    Level sixFrom 200 billion external metrics and beyond€0.08 per million samples

    Here is an example of how you would be billed for sending 52 billion external metrics samples per month:

    • 10 billion samples at €0.15 per million samples: €1.500
    • 15 billion samples at €0.13 per million samples: €1.950
    • 25 billion samples at €0.12 per million samples: €3.000
    • 2 billion samples at €0.11 per million samples: €220

    Total: €6.650 per month with volume discounts instead of €7.800 without volume discounts.

    Upgrade your monitoring experience with Cockpit and enjoy smarter pricing that scales with your needs!

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