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Cockpit is designed for application and infrastructure monitoring by providing you with insights and context. Visualize your metrics, logs, and traces in your Grafana dashboard.

Cockpit Quickstart

Getting Started


Learn how to activate a Cockpit, retrieve Grafana credentials, and create a token in a few steps.

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Core concepts that give you a better understanding of Cockpit.

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Learn how to use Cockpit and manage your data via the Scaleway console.

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Additional Content

Check out in-depth information about Cockpit.

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Using your own Grafana with CockpitRead more
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Cockpit API

Manage Cockpit using the Scaleway API.

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  • Cockpit

    Traces are now available in beta

    Along with metrics and logs, you can now push and pull traces from your Cockpit. Gain real-time insights and trace the heartbeat of your system with our new traces feature, based on Grafana Tempo.

    Read our documentation to find out how to start using our traces feature.

  • Cockpit

    Cockpit feature request is completed

    We are happy to announce that we closed one of the most wanted features at Scaleway (open since Jan. 21). Almost every Scaleway products are available in Cockpit for metrics and/or logs. New features and capabilities will be added to the product. Refer to our product documentation to see what is already available or planned.

    For all future feature requirements, we encourage you to open a specific feature request of what you need to integrate into Cockpit.

  • Cockpit

    Cockpit Launch

    Cockpit is now available in General Availability. Cockpit is a monitoring and alerting solution designed for multi-source observability. Cockpit allows you to collect, store, and analyze metrics and logs from Scaleway, your applications, or any other cloud providers.

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