Serverless SQL Databases

Serverless SQL Databases provides a fully-serverless database service for PostgreSQL with automatic backups, autoscaling, fully integrated in the Scaleway ecosystem.

Serverless SQL Databases Quickstart

Getting Started


Learn how to create a Serverless SQL Database in a few steps.

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Core concepts that give you a better understanding of Serverless SQL Databases.

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Learn how to use Serverless SQL Databases using the Scaleway console.

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Additional Content

Go further with detailed, additional information about Serverless SQL Databases

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Serverless SQL Databases API

Manage Serverless SQL Databases using the Scaleway API.

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    Serverless SQL Database is available in Public Beta

    Scaleway’s Serverless SQL Database allows you to store and query data using PostgreSQL engine, while benefiting from auto scalability, automated backups and complete integration with Scaleway Serverless ecosystem.

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