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Messaging and Queuing Documentation

Messaging and Queuing

Transfer messages between microservices and platforms with our message broker tool, facilitating the development of highly scalable, reliable, distributed applications.

Messaging and Queuing Quickstart

Getting Started


Learn how to start using Messaging and Queuing with SQS, SNS or NATS.

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Core concepts that give you a better understanding of Messaging and Queuing.

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Check our guides to activate and configure Messaging and Queuing for SQS, SNS or NATS.

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Additional Content

Take a deeper dive into using Messaging and Queuing with SQS, SNS or NATS.

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Messaging and Queuing API

Manage Messaging and Queuing using the Scaleway API.

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  • Added

    SNS Topic creation available in the console

    You can now create and manage your SNS Topics directly in the console. For more information, you can refer to our How to create topics documentation.

  • Added

    SQS supports JSON transport protocol 1.0

    Messaging and Queuing SQS now includes support for JSON transport protocol 1.0, which serves as the default transport for the latest SQS SDK. Feel free to upgrade your SDK to the most recent version.

    The query protocol remains a supported option and you have the flexibility to use the SDK's earlier versions or a custom implementation using the query transport protocol.

  • Deprecated

    API v1alpha1 deprecated in favor of v1beta1

    Effective December 1st 2023, the Messaging and Queuing v1alpha1 API has been deprecated and its resources and endpoints are no longer available. As stated in our migration documentation, the v1beta1 APIs, available for Messaging and Queuing SQS, SNS and NATS, must now be used going forward.

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