Messaging and Queuing is evolving: find out how
  • You can now create SNS subscriptions for HTTP/S endpoints and Serverless Functions and Containers in the Scaleway console
  • Messaging and Queuing is now available in the AMS-1 Availability Zone, and becomes a regionalized product - read the documentation to learn more.

Messaging and Queuing

Transfer messages between microservices and platforms with our message broker tool, facilitating the development of highly scalable, reliable, distributed applications.

Messaging and Queuing Quickstart

Getting Started


Learn how to start using Messaging and Queuing with SQS, SNS or NATS.

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Core concepts that give you a better understanding of Messaging and Queuing.

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Check our guides to activate and configure Messaging and Queuing for SQS, SNS or NATS.

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Additional Content

Take a deeper dive into using Messaging and Queuing with SQS, SNS or NATS.

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Create a serverless webpage-scraping architecture, with Scaleway Messaging and Queuing SQS, Serverless Functions and Managed Database.Read more
Create a serverless architecture for handling large messages using Messaging and Queuing NATS, Serverless Functions and Object StorageRead more
Create a simulated CPU monitor notification system with Terraform using Scaleway Instances and Messaging and Queuing SNSRead more
Messaging and Queuing API

Manage Messaging and Queuing using the Scaleway API.

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  • Messaging and Queuing


    Resource quotas have been increased

    Scaleway Messaging and Queuing is evolving. We have increased the limitations on our resource quotas, meaning that each Scaleway Project can now scale up to:

    • 50 SQS queues
    • 50 SNS topics
    • 50 NATS streams

    This update empowers you to handle larger workloads and enables more robust communication.

    For detailed information on the limitations and capabilities of our Messaging and Queuing protocols, please refer to the Messaging and Queuing documentation.

  • Messaging and Queuing


    Messaging and Queuing is now available in the AMS region!

    You can now manage your Messaging and Queuing resources in the AMS region. All three protocols (SQS, NATS & SNS) are available in the region. For more information, refer to our Messaging and Queuing documentation.

  • Messaging and Queuing


    SNS Subscriptions creation available in the console

    You can now manage your SNS subscriptions directly from the Scaleway console. You can subscribe to HTTP/S endpoints and Serverless Compute resources (Functions & Containers). You can refer to our documentation to find out how to create and manage SNS subscriptions.

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