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How to invite another user to an Organization

Reviewed on 06 December 2023Published on 20 June 2022

When you create a Scaleway account, you are the Owner of your Organization. You can invite other people to join your Organization: they will create their own Scaleway account (if they do not already have one) and then become IAM users of your Organization.

You can define the rights and permissions you want guests to have in your Organization via policies.

You can invite people to be IAM users of an Organization in which you are not the Owner, if you have sufficient permissions (via policies) to do so. See our documentation on permission sets for more information.

Before you start

To complete the actions presented below, you must have:

  • A Scaleway account logged into the console
  • Owner status or IAM permissions allowing you to perform actions in the intended Organization
  1. Click Identity and Access Management (IAM) from the top-right of your Organization Dashboard in the Scaleway console. The Users tab of the Identity and Access Management dashboard displays.

  2. Click + Add user. The following screen displays:

  3. Enter the email address of the person you want to invite. If you want to invite more than one user, enter multiple email addresses separated by commas. Optionally, you can also select a group to add the user to.

  4. Optionally, add one or more tags.


    Tags are key/value pairs that help you organize your users. Keep in mind that:

    • You can assign up to 10 tags per user
    • Tag values must be between 1 and 70 characters long, including key and value
    • The same tag cannot be used twice
  5. Click Invite to send the invitation. The user receives an email inviting them to accept your invitation. If they do not already have a Scaleway account, they will be prompted to create one first.

  6. The user will appear in the list of your Organization’s users once they have accepted the invitation.

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