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What is IPAM?

IP Address Manager (IPAM) is Scaleway’s tool for planning, tracking, and managing the IP address space of Scaleway products. It acts as a single source of truth for the IP addresses of Scaleway resources, and has a number of associated functionalities to help manage your Scaleway IPs.

What can I do with IPAM?

IPAM is currently in public beta, and rollout of IPAM functionality is being done gradually. For now, the following features are available:

  • In the console, you can currently use IPAM to view, tag and filter all your private IP addresses
  • With the API, you can additionally reserve an available IP from a Private Network’s CIDR block, or release a previously-reserved address that you no longer want.

More functionality is planned for the future, including:

  • Reserve/release private IP addresses in the console
  • Select a reserved private IP address to use when attaching a resource to a Private Network
  • Management of public IP addresses
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