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How to connect via FTP

Reviewed on 02 May 2023Published on 24 February 2022

This documentation describes the usage of a previous web hosting offer, proposed by Online.net.
Refer to the Scaleway Web Hosting documentation for information about the current web hosting product.

File Transfer Protcol is a standard way to transfer files between a client (such as your local computer) and a server (such as your Scaleway webhosting server) via the Internet. This documentation shows you how to configure the popular and free FTP client FileZilla to connect to your webhosting site using FTP. You will then be able to transfer files from your local computer to your Scaleway webhosting server, following the documentation provided by Filezilla if necessary.

In our example, we consider your domain name to be example.com and your FTP account to be webmaster@example.com. Remember that you need to create an FTP account before proceeding.


Installing FileZilla

  1. Open the FileZilla website in your browser.

  2. Click Download FileZilla Client:

    The FileZilla website detects your operating system, and suggests the correct version of the FileZilla client to download.

  3. Click Download FileZilla Client and follow the on-screen prompts to complete installation.


    Depending on your operating system, you may prefer to download FileZilla from the command line of your terminal. On Ubuntu Linux, use the command sudo apt update && sudo apt install filezilla.

Configuring the FTP account

  1. Open Filezilla on your local machine.

  2. Click on File in the top menu, and select Site Manager.

  3. Enter the following information in the form that displays. Remember to replace the User and Password values with those of your FTP account

    • Protocol: FTP - File Transfer Protocol

    • Host: ftp.online.net

    • Port: 21

    • Encryption: Require explicit FTP over TLS

    • Logon Type: Normal

    • User: webmaster@example.com

    • Password: your-ftp-password


      The above form may display slightly differently depending on your operating system, but the fields and their values should remain the same.

  4. Click Connect. If a confirmation window appears, check and validate the certificate.

You are connected via FTP to your webhosting site. Remember that all files for your website must be stored in the www folder.

See the official FileZilla documentation for more help with using FileZilla to connect to your site and transfer files with FTP.

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