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How to create an account

Reviewed on 27 June 2023Published on 22 June 2021

Scaleway is a complete cloud ecosystem, offering a single way for you to create, deploy and scale your infrastructure in the cloud. Create your Scaleway account to gain access to the Scaleway console and Scaleway API, and deploy our products and services with ease.

  1. Open the Scaleway console in a web browser and click the Sign up button to create a Scaleway account.
  2. Choose whether you want to create a personal or professional account.
  3. Enter your account details, as well as your email address in the form. Tick the checkbox to receive periodic marketing communications from Scaleway (optional). If asked, confirm that you are not a robot by ticking the checkbox. Then click Create account.

    If you are a startup, you can create a corporate account and check Yes under Are you a startup?. This allows you to benefit from offers dedicated to startups.

  4. A verification mail has been send to your email address. Check your mailbox and click the verification link in your mailbox to confirm your email address and agree to our terms of service. Click Go to Scaleway console to proceed.
  5. Add your billing information and payment method. This will give you access to Scaleway resources.
    Alternatively, click Add later to browse around the Scaleway console without the possibility to order services. To add your billing information later, click Add information on the console main page.
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