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The right Instance for workload purposes
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The right Instance for workload purposes

Reviewed on 11 May 2023Published on 11 May 2023

An Instance is a virtual machine in the cloud. Scaleway supports several types of Instances, each with their own set of resources, unique value propositions, and technical specifications. Each Instance supports the essential operating systems and distributions, as well as customized InstantApps.

Workload-Optimized range: POP2-HM and POP2-HC Instances

Scaleway’s Workload-Optimized range includes POP2-HM (High Memory) and POP2-HC (High CPU). Equipped with dedicated vCPUs, these Instances are optimized for workload intensive applications.

  • High-Memory: Designed for RAM-intensive usages, and high memory production applications, these machines provide more RAM than vCPU. These Instances are designed for high demanding analysis, in-memory calculation, big-data processing, high-performance or cache databases.

  • High-CPU: Made for high computing workloads and compute-bound applications, this machine provides more vCPU than RAM. Designed for high-performance web-serving, video encoding, machine learning, batch processing, CI/CD.

See below the technical specifications of Workload-Optimized Instances:

Instance TypePOP2-HM, POP2-HC
Availability ZonePAR1, PAR2, PAR3, AMS1, AMS2, WAW2, WAW3
Max. BandwidthFrom 400 Mbps to 12.8 Gbps
CPU TypeAMD EPYC 7543 (2,8 GHz)
ResourcesDedicated vCPUs
Security featureSecure Encrypted Virtualization
SizingFrom 2 to 64 dedicated vCPUs
From 4 GB to 512 GB RAM
vCPU:RAM ratio1:8 (POP2-HM), 1:2 (POP2-HC)

Complementary services

To help build and manage your applications, consider complementing your Workload-Optimized Instance with the following compatible services:

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