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Functions lifecycle

Reviewed on 02 January 2023Published on 13 April 2022

The Serverless Functions runtimes are the environment in which your code runs. We currently support five languages:

  • Javascript (NodeJS runtime)
  • Python
  • Go
  • PHP
  • Rust

Runtime lifecycle

New runtimes are added periodically, based on user demand.

Beta (beta)The runtime has just been released, users can test it and provide feedback, but it is not yet suitable for production environment.
General Availability (available)The runtime is available to be used in a production environment.

When runtimes are no longer supported, they pass through different phases:

Deprecated (deprecated)The runtime is still available, but a warning announcing the upcoming End Of Support displays when a new function is created.
End Of Support (end_of_support)It is no longer possible to create a new function with this runtime; however, functions that already use it, can still be updated. A message with the date of End of Life is displayed.
End Of Life (end_of_life)Functions that use this runtime will still be working, but it is no more possible to update them.

Runtime upgrade

To modify a runtime version, you simply need to change the runtime value.

For example to migrate from node18 to node20, change the runtime field and redeploy your function. Deployed runtimes are forward compatible but not necessarily backward compatible.

Once a function is deprecated, end_of_support or end_of_life, you are invited to upgrade your ongoing runtime to take advantage of new features, better performance and security fixes.

Available runtimes


Node 8 (node8)End of Support
Node 10 (node10)End of Support
Node 14 (node14)Available
Node 16 (node16)Available
Node 17 (node17)End of SupportSecurity support ended June 1st 2022.
Node 18 (node18)Available
Node 19 (node19)Deprecated
Node 20 (node20)Beta


Python 2 (python)End of Life
Python 3 (python3)End of Support
Python 3.7 (python37)Available
Python 3.8 (python38)Available
Python 3.9 (python39)Available
Python 3.10 (python310)Available
Python 3.11 (python311)Available


Generic Go (golang)End of Support
Go 1.13 (go113)End of Support
Go 1.17 (go117)Deprecated
Go 1.18 (go118)Available
Go 1.19 (go119)Available
Go 1.20 (go120)Available


PHP 8.2 (php82)Available


Rust 1.65 (rust165)Available