Scaleway CLI Cheatsheet

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Scaleway Instances CLI Cheatsheet

This page shows the most common Scaleway CLI commands for creating and managing Scaleway Instances.


This content is also available as a wallpaper (.png file) and as a printable PDF file. Click the links below to download:

Managing Instances

# Create Instance
scw instance server create type=<instance-type> zone=<availability-zone> image=<image-uuid> root-volume=l:<volume-size> name=<instance-name> ip=new project-id=<scw-project-id>

# Connect to Instance
ssh root@<instance-ip>

Managing flexible IP addresses

# Detach IP
scw instance ip detach <ip-address>

# Attach IP
scw instance ip attach <ip-address> server-id=<instance-uuid>

Using Private Networks

# Create Private Network
scw vpc private-network create name=<private-network-name>

# List Private Networks
scw vpc private-network list

# Attach Private Network
scw instance private-nic create server-id=<instance-uuid> private-network-id=<private-network-uuid>

# Detach Private Network
scw instance private-nic delete server-id=<instance-uuid> private-nic-id=<private-nic-uuid>

# Delete Private Network
scw vpc private-network delete <private-network-uuid>

Creating backups

scw instance server backup <instance-uuid>  

Managing snapshots

# List volumes
scw instance volume list

# Create snapshot
scw instance snapshot create volume-id=<volume-uuid>

# List snapshots
scw instance snapshot list

# Create an image from a snapshot
scw instance image create snapshot-id=<snapshot-id> arch=<architecture-of-the-image>

# Delete snapshot
scw instance snapshot delete <snapshot-uuid>

Boot modes


# Put Instance in standby mode
scw instance server standby <instance-uuid>


# Reboot Instance
scw instance server reboot <instance-uuid>


# Power Instance OFF
scw instance server stop <instance-uuid>

# Power Instance OFF
scw instance server start <instance-uuid>