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Managed Kubernetes allows you to create and manage Kubernetes clusters in just a few clicks, scale effortlessly and focus on your applications.

Kubernetes Quickstart

Getting Started


Learn how to create, manage and delete a Kubernetes cluster in a few steps.

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Core concepts that give you a better understanding of Kubernetes Kapsule and Kosmos.

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Check our guides to creating and managing Kubernetes clusters and their features.

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Additional content

Guides to help you configuring your cluster and its advanced configuration.

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Send Kapsule logs and metrics to the Observability Cockpit with Fluent BitRead more
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Getting started with Crossplane provider on Scaleway KubernetesRead more
Installing Odoo on Kubernetes with the Scaleway Easy Deploy featureRead more
Kubernetes API

Learn how to create and manage your Kubernetes clusters through the API.

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  • Fixed

    DNS fix to solve occasional resolution failures

    The DNS resolution issue has been resolved. To implement the fix:

    • Replace or reboot your nodes.
    • Use a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for resolving addresses within the Private Network. For example, if you have a service named foo in the Private Network mypn, use foo.mypn.
    • Avoid using existing top-level domains (TLDs) as Private Network names to prevent potential issues. For instance, naming your PN fr may cause problems resolving external addresses like
    • Be aware that prod and dev are valid TLDs.
  • Added

    Kubernetes version 1.29 is now available!

    Scaleway managed Kubernetes products will support the latest minor version 1.29 Mandala until April 2025.

    Patch versions 1.29.1, 1.28.6, 1.27.10, 1.26.13, 1.25.16 have also been released.

    Read our newest version support policy for more details on the 14-month support timeline.

  • Security

    Runc bumped to 1.1.12 for CVE-2024-21626

    CVE-2024-21626 is a recently disclosed security issue affecting the runc component.

    To apply the patch, managed Kubernetes services customers should take the following actions:

    • Kubernetes clusters running on 1.24: replace nodes
    • Kubernetes clusters running on 1.25+: upgrade to the latest k8s patch release
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