Serverless Containers

Scaleway Serverless Containers allows you to deploy containerized stateless web applications in the cloud to run short-lived, event-driven tasks.

Serverless Containers Quickstart

Getting Started


Learn how to create and deploy a Serverless Container in a few steps.

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Core concepts that give you a better understanding of Serverless.

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Learn how to use Serverless Containers using the Scaleway console.

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Additional Content

Go further with detailed, in-depth information on Serverless Containers.

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Serverless Containers API

Manage Serverless Containers using the Scaleway API.

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  • Containers


    Serverless Containers CPU usage fix

    Fixed an issue where the CPU usage metrics sometimes exceeded 100%, displaying incorrect values.

  • Containers


    Serverless Containers maximum scale raised to 50 instances

    Serverless Containers can now scale up to 50 instances instead of 20, for your most demanding workloads.

  • Containers


    Serverless Containers allows SMTP traffic

    Serverless Containers now allows traffic to Scaleway Transactional Email. While API access was already available, you can now connect directly via SMTP servers. Enhance your workflows with reliable and straightforward email delivery!

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