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Create an email redirection
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How to create an email redirection

Reviewed on 15 May 2023Published on 26 May 2021

This documentation describes the usage of a previous web hosting offer, proposed by Online.net.
Refer to the Scaleway Web Hosting documentation for information about the current web hosting product.

A redirection is an alternative email address for one or multiple email accounts of the same domain. For example, you can create the alias contact@example.com which will redirect the mail to the personal email account firstname.lastname@example.com.

This allows you to have multiple email addresses without needing to have multiple email accounts. It is also possible to deliver the mail to multiple recipients. This means for our example, we can get the mail sent to “contact” delivered to the email accounts “firstname.lastname” and also to “firstname2.lastname2”.

  • You have an account and are logged into the Dedibox console
  • You have created a Webhosting Classic
  1. Click Hosting, then click Manage next to your webhosting.

  2. Scroll down to E-mail accounts, then click E-mail redirections.

  3. Click Add E-mail Redirection.

  4. Enter the required information for the alias (the name of the redirection and the recipient) to create the redirection. This may take up to one hour.

  5. Once the redirection is activated, the yellow dot next to your alias will turn green.


    To add more than one recipient to a redirection, repeat the steps above for each recipent.

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