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Understanding the autohealing feature

Reviewed on 08 April 2024

At Scaleway, High Availability Database Instances are continuously monitored and benefit from the autohealing feature.

This feature is what guarantees your Database Instance will remain available even when one of its nodes is down.

If your main database node goes down, the standby node will begin handling write operations in 30 to 60 seconds, depending on the type of failure. Intense writing activity may result in an increase of the failover time.

Your Database Instance then goes into autohealing mode and switches to the AUTOHEALING status (represented by a blue dot in the Scaleway console).

Your Database Instance will work only with the standby node for at most 700 seconds.

After 700 seconds, if your main database node is still considered as down, a new node is spawned and automatically configured as a standby database node. Your initial standby nodes become the main one.

Once this process is complete, your Database Instance goes back to READY status (represented by the green dot in the Scaleway console).

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