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Jobs limitations

Reviewed on 28 March 2024Published on 28 March 2021

This section contains usage limits that apply when using Serverless Jobs.

Jobs resource limitations

Number of job definitions max1000Organization
Max parallel jobs400Organization
Max ephemeral storage10 GBJob run
CPU max4000 mVCPUJob run
Memory max16 GBJob run
timeout6hJob run

Default values for CPU and memory limits

When the job vCPU and/or memory are not provided by the client, these default values are automatically used:

ResourcesDefault value
CPU1120 mvCPU
Memory2048 MB


Scaleway Serverless Jobs only supports amd64 architecture for images.

For example, if you build an image using an ARM CPU, such as Apple Silicon, your image will be in the arm64 architecture, and you will have an error message during deployment.

You must ensure that you build your image to target amd64 architecture.

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