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Getting delisted from Spamhaus

Reviewed on 20 March 2023Published on 20 March 2023
Security & Identity (IAM):

You may need certain IAM permissions to carry out some actions described on this page. This means:

  • you are the Owner of the Scaleway Organization in which the actions will be carried out, or
  • you are an IAM user of the Organization, with a policy granting you the necessary permission sets

Spamhaus is a database that analyzes data and lists internet resources such as IP addresses or domains with poor reputation. Spamhaus tracks ransomware, malware, phishing, and spam and produces several blocklists that mailbox providers use to protect themselves against malicious activity.

Your deliverability will be affected if you are blacklisted on Spamhaus.

How to get a domain removed from the Spamhaus Block List (SBL)

Use the Spamhaus Checker to see if your domain is listed. If your domain is listed, you will find out why and what you need to do to make sure it is not listed again.

Make sure you are sending emails to people who have agreed to receive them, and to delete hard bounce emails. You can also contact our support team to help you address the issue.

Once you have identified what the issue is, you can submit a removal request. Once your removal request is received, Spamhaus will try and answer any questions you may have before approving the removal.


Submitting a removal request does not guarantee that the removal will be granted. Make sure that the problem has been addressed before submitting the request.