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Reviewed on 10 July 2023Published on 04 January 2023

This section contains usage limits that apply when using Messaging and Queuing.

NamespaceMax number10Organization
NATS message payloadMax size1 MBMessage
SQS/SNS message payloadMax size256 KBMessage
SQS queue storageMax size100 MBNamespace
NATS queue/stream storageMax size300 MB**Namespace
Max number of NATS/SQS queuesMax number10Namespace
Max number of NATS consumers or SNS subscribersMax number50Namespace
Message age (SQS)Max14 daysMessage

**This implies stream replication. If you choose to replicate your stream across all nodes (3), a storage limit of 100 MB applies.

These limits are enforced as Organization quotas.