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Reviewed on 09 April 2024Published on 04 January 2023

Usage limits

This section contains usage limits that apply when using Messaging and Queuing.


NATS accountMax number10Organization
NATS message payloadMax size512 KBMessage
NATS queue/stream storageMax size300 MB**NATS account
Max number of NATS streamsMax number10NATS account
Max number of NATS consumersMax number50NATS account

**This implies stream replication. If you choose to replicate your stream across all nodes (3), a storage limit of 100 MB applies.


SQS queue storageMax size100 MBScaleway Project
SQS maximum payloadMax size256 KBSQS Queue
Max number of SQS queuesMax number15Scaleway Project
Message age / retention period (SQS)Max14 daysMessage
Visibility timeoutMax12 hoursSQS queue
Max number of SNS topicsMax number15Scaleway Project
Max number of SNS subscribers per topicMax number50Scaleway Project

These limits are enforced as Organization quotas.


Messaging and Queuing is not currently compatible with Scaleway VPC.

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