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How to outsource a failover IP

Reviewed on 24 July 2023Published on 12 March 2020

Outsourcing failover IPs enables another Dedibox account holder to manage them on your behalf. By outsourcing a Dedibox dedicated server and its allocated failover IPs, you can grant the other user the ability to manage your virtual machines.

  1. Navigate to Server > Network configuration in the top menu of the Dedibox console. The list of your failover IPs displays.

  2. Locate the failover IP that you want to outsource and click the settings icon (cog icon) next to it. From the menu that displays, select Outsourcing. An outsourcing form displays.

  3. Enter the identifier of the new technical contact who will be managing your failover IP. This identifier is the login of the other user’s console account. After filling in the required details, click Send request to validate the form.

    Upon receiving the request, the destination account holder will be notified and asked to accept the outsourcing of your failover IP into their Scaleway Dedibox account.

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